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9 Healthcare Startups to Watch in 2022

January 17, 2022

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The past two years have seen a record number of startups disrupt industry trends and push the boundaries for what a small business can accomplish. The transition to digital work has allowed smaller organizations to work more effectively and has increased their ability to compete with larger firms.

Here at Haekka we’re firm believers that the startup era is here to stay and that smaller businesses are going to continue to push the envelope. One industry that we think will be significantly transformed in 2022 is healthcare. 

Haekka was established  in 2020 by two founders with decades of experience in digital healthcare. Since then we’ve seen many companies revolutionize their niche within the industry to make healthcare much better for both consumers and other businesses. 

As we continue to progress into the new year, we want to showcase 9 startups we believe will disrupt healthcare in 2022. These companies have smart teams, amazing products, and are ready to change the world!


Tava Health is a service that enables employees to access therapy through their employer, free of cost. 57% of employees don’t receive the mental health assistance they need, but the Tava team is bridging that gap. The Tava platform makes it extremely easy for employees to sign up for therapy, match with a licensed therapist, and undergo as many video therapy sessions as they desire. A whopping 89% of employees report better mental health after using Tava!

Improving employee wellbeing isn’t only beneficial for the employee, it helps the entire organization. Employees in therapy are 63% less likely to quit, 72% of them report being more productive, and they file 66% fewer medical claims compared to their counterparts in therapy. Investing in Tava is proven to pay for itself!

Tava recently raised a Series A round in December 2021, and their team is ready to take the next step in growth! Tava makes employees happier, saves employers tons of money, and removes all the red-tape involved in getting treatment. If you want a $4 increase in productivity for every $1 you spend, check out Tava at tavahealth.com 


If you work at a healthcare provider, you have to check out Jane. Jane is a management software for health and wellness organizations that significantly reduces the burden associated with running a practice. Jane’s software integrates telehealth, scheduling, billing, and managing patients’ charts into one platform. 

Jane enables patients and doctors to use one app to complete all of the steps associated with receiving and giving care, respectively. The Jane app has both mobile and desktop versions to make it as accessible as possible for everyone. The app also improves healthcare outcomes by using one of the most robust charting interfaces available. Practitioners can customize the chart to ensure patients see the most relevant data, easily add digital images and/or notes, and export medical records to other doctors with the click of a button.

The Jane app is a great way to make the healthcare process smoother for everyone involved. The world is rapidly embracing digital healthcare, and Jane is several steps ahead of any competition. Why deal with the hassle of having different departments for scheduling, administrating, and billing for healthcare services? Check out the Jane app at jane.app today!


CancerIQ helps providers use genetic information to predict, pre-empt, and prevent disease - starting with cancer. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States and globally, but it doesn’t have to be. Research has found that the 5 year survival rate for patients with an early cancer diagnosis is 4x higher than the survival rate for cancers detected at a later stage. The sooner someone starts treatment, the more likely they are to survive.

Although early treatment is helpful, CancerIQ does more by identifying patients who have an increased risk for cancer much before they can be diagnosed. CancerIQ offers patients a brief self-questionnaire that evaluates whether they have a higher likelihood of a future diagnosis. The questionnaire’s results can be used to refer patients for further genetic testing or an MRI. The platform allows genetic specialists to evaluate the results of additional testing and get patients into preventative care much faster than traditional methods. CancerIQ then enables patients and providers to manage the risk of cancer with personalized plans based on genetic testing.

Cancer is a devastating illness, but innovative companies like CancerIQ are changing that. Haekka loves CancerIQ so much we wrote a case study on them! Using genetics to fight a disease before it can infect someone could save millions of lives a year. Whether you’re an individual looking to lower your risk of cancer or a healthcare provider aiming to improve patient health outcomes, check out CancerIQ at canceriq.com

Sift Healthcare

The current healthcare payment system is broken, but Sift Healthcare is looking to fix that. Sift Healthcare is a rapidly growing data science company that optimizes how healthcare providers manage insurance reimbursement and patient collections. Most healthcare providers have an extremely difficult time handling payments. Insurance companies often deny payment claims, patients often lack the means to pay bills, and many people just ignore collection requests. 

Sift Healthcare uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize revenue collection for healthcare providers. Their data-driven software can identify the likelihood a claim is denied, which denials can be overturned, which patients are likely to pay, and many other factors that increase revenue for practices. Sift found that the 10% of patients least likely to pay their bills account for over 50% of outstanding payments. Being able to target the right people for collections enables companies to collect more payments with fewer resources. 

Being able to effectively collect payments is crucial for any healthcare organization to remain in business. The status quo particularly hurts smaller practices that do not have as many resources for collection. Insurance denials and patient non-payments cause providers billions each year. If you want your practice to reach its revenue goals much easier using the power of data science, check out Sift at sifthealthcare.com. If you want to read about how Sift utilizes Haekka to simplify compliance, check out our case study here


Cardiac disease is by far the most likely cause of death worldwide. Even though heart illnesses are extremely common, undertreating them is a significant issue. Mpirik is a health-tech company that leverages artificial intelligence to help providers give the right care at the right time to the right patient. This leads to improved patient health outcomes while lowering the cost of future care since it’s easier to solve milder health problems before they progress into something worse.

Many high-risk patients don’t receive the care they need for a variety of reasons including lack of follow-up care, communication issues, and frequent misdiagnosis. Mpirik’s AI model has analyzed over a million patient records to develop algorithms to identify situations where patients may need additional treatment. In fact, Mpiriks software was able to find that 36.7% of patients across the cardiac service line were at risk for potential undertreatment. Mpirik’s software analyses patient data including clinician notes, lab data, EKGs, and more to identify patients who may benefit from additional follow-up care or a potential intervention. 

Over 90 hospitals nationwide are now using Mpiriks Cardiac Intelligence software to provide better care to their patients. Mpririk’s software seamlessly integrates into hospital electronic health systems to provide doctors with actionable insights from an easy-to-read dashboard. If you want to mitigate the impact of cardiac disease head over to mpirik.com to learn more!


We’ve seen that healthcare payments are broken, but they aren’t only broken for providers. Every year patients, self-funded employers, health plans, and government agencies pay millions of dollars more than necessary. This is due to a combination of fraud, waste, and abuse in healthcare claims. Alaffia is a healthcare technology that uses intelligent data analysis to detect when a claim is more expensive than it should be. 

Alaffia’s platform has two main components: pre-payment protection and post-payment recovery. The pre-payment protection analyzes a claim submitted by a provider and evaluates whether there are any irregularities. Sometimes these irregularities are due to fraud, but they are often a result of the complex billing systems involved in paying for healthcare. Alaffia’s model can look at the most convoluted of claims and put forth an estimate of how much people should actually be paying before they pay it. Their post-payment recovery empowers people and organizations that have overpaid on misbilled claims to recover their overpayment. 

Modern healthcare is nothing short of a miracle, but the difficulties involved with payment operations are a nightmare. Fraudulent claims and waste due to inefficiency lead to billions of dollars in overpayments each year. If you want to make sure you are paying the right price for your healthcare, go to alaffiahealth.com to see how much you can save today!

Loyal Health

Loyal Health is an all-in-one solution for patients and providers to simplify the processes involved in healthcare operations. Many people find themselves completely lost when trying to figure out the best way to receive care. The first issue is figuring out what kind of care to get for their particular health needs. After that patients have to find a provider, schedule appointments, learn about their condition so they can work with their doctors more effectively, and handle post-appointment care. Health systems also have operational challenges that reduce efficiency. There are billions of data points related to healthcare provision, but making sense of them is difficult.

Loyal helps patients by being their all in one solution to receiving the best care possible. Their AI-driven healthcare chat allows people to receive assistance with finding care, scheduling appointments, and paying bills all in one application. Loyal allows patients to submit risk assessments to determine where their issues may arise from, view a directory of doctors and specialists in their areas, and receive reminders for appointments and follow-up care. On the other side of the coin, Loyal helps providers take better care of patients using data to increase organizational effectiveness. Loyal handles physician scheduling, matches the right patients with the right doctors, and takes care of referrals as well!

Getting healthcare is super tricky to deal with, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are a patient looking to take control of your health, Loyal’s platform will provide you with help and guidance every step of the way. If you work for a provider that wants to take better care of people, Loyal’s business solutions will help your organization. Learn more about Loyal at loyalhealth.com


Another tricky piece in the healthcare puzzle is employee benefits. In the United States, health benefits are typically purchased by employers for their employees, but this can be challenging for small to medium-sized businesses. Knowing what benefits will help your employees the most, figuring out who to purchase them from, and understanding how much they should cost are all confusing endeavors. Many small business owners find themselves getting ripped off due to a lack of information, but Nava is here to fix that! Nava is a modern approach to employee benefits that helps employers save money while ensuring their employees still receive the quality of care they deserve.

Nava works by using personalized behavioral technology to guide employees to the optimal benefits package for their particular needs. Different employees have different requirements, and Nava tailors to all individuals. After that Nava’s benefits concierge steers employees to the best physicians, labs, and more to receive treatment at the best possible cost. Nava also provides billing support to help people with questions and resolve disputes. 

Nava saved new clients between 8-22% in health expenses in 2021. That can be a significant amount for small to midsize companies where every dollar matters. Employees using Nava had a 94% satisfaction rate and reported understanding their benefits much better than before. Nava makes life easier by providing the same benefits at a lower cost! Learn more at nava.io


BrainHi is an answering machine service for dental offices that enables practices to better respond to all patient calls. Approximately 20% of all calls to dental offices are not answered, and the people that call without receiving a response are unlikely to call again or leave a voicemail. Those callers represent thousands of dollars of lost opportunity, but BrainHi’s service is here to fix that!

BrainHi uses a combination of human agents and an artificial intelligence text messaging service to ensure everyone that calls a practice gets a response within five minutes! BrainHi’s agents are trained to help organizations book appointments quickly to recover any potential losses from unanswered phone calls. The text service is much more robust than competing offerings and helps patients stay on top of their appointments. The chatbot can even book appointments for practices!

Missing out on patients because someone didn’t answer the phone is frustrating, but that doesn’t have to happen anymore. BrainHi’s technology is here to bring your answering machine service higher quality at a lower cost. Check out BrainHi at brainhi.com 


The healthcare industry is ready for some innovation, and we at Haekka fully believe that startups will be the source of that innovation. Haekka supports these startups and hundreds of others like them by helping them achieve compliance

One disadvantage smaller companies have is dealing with compliance and regulatory standards such as HIPAA, SOC 2, and much more. It can be difficult to set up a compliance program and effectively train smaller teams, particularly remote ones. Haekka’s onboarding and training solution brings compliance to Slack so employees can train in the apps they use every day. Learn more about getting your startup compliant at Haekka.com!

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