An endless drip of security moments

Stream security moments directly to employees in Slack.

Haekka Streams build a security mindset throughout the year by connecting security knowledge directly to your employees in Slack.

Trusted by companies that put security first.

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Build a security mindset.

Streams are a year-round drip of curated moments mapped to categories of behavioral and human risk.

Build and maintain a security culture by subscribing employees, groups, or channels to continuous security moments in Slack.

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Available Streams

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Security Digest

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Cyber Month

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HIPAA Privacy

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Security Alerts

Engage users all year

Streams keep your staff up to date on current scams and attacks throughout the year. Don't just check the box at audit time.

Streams is a great addition to both onboarding and annual training.

Empower your employees

Your employees are the frontline of security for your business. Level the playing field against attackers with Streams.

In 1-2 minutes each week, you can build a security mindset across your workforce.

A new approach is required

Employees need security on their minds while they work. Security awareness training alone does not do this.

Streams reinforce key behaviors that are relevant to how your employees work everyday.

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Connect employees to security knowledge in Slack.

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