Stream security content directly to your employees.

Haekka Streams are a simple and effective way to automatically and continuously deliver security content directly to your employees.

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Streams Overview

Build a security mindset.

Haekka Streams allow you to subscribe your company to continuous security content in Slack. Streams are a weekly drip of Haekka's best security awareness focused content.


Hyper-focused, easy to digest, insanely effective.

Streams allow you to train your staff throughout the year...not just when you need to for an audit.

Your employees are the frontline of security for your business. Annual Security Awareness training only goes so far. With 1-2 minutes each week, Haekka Streams builds a security mindset across your workforce.

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Haekka Streams Content


Streams are automated for you. Simply subscribe your company and we'll send employees relevant content every Friday.


Streams often include video, images, and external links to help keep employees interested and engaged.

Reduce Incidents

With continuous security training through Haekka Streams, you can reduce the likelihood of incidents by 98%.

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