Security culture assessments

People-centric security in Slack.

Make announcements about new threats, collect policy acknowledgments, send surveys, collect risk data, or run recurring quizzes — all in Slack.

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Haekka Pulse.

Keep employees up to date and measure their readiness against threats and social engineering.

Pulse is your always-on, real-time security connection to employees — ad hoc or recurring quizzes, surveys, and announcements. Ping employees about threats, measure the potential impact of attacks and build a people-centric security culture.

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Connect security to employees.

Pulse nudges are micro-connections to employees.

Send policy announcements, nudges on new threats, security and readiness surveys, quizzes, and more.

Flexible, simple to create, 100% deliverable in Slack.

Engagements enable you to proactively bring security to your employees.

Pulse nudges can be one-off, or recurring. Format and delivery are entirely in Slack.

A people-driven security layer.

Haekka provides valuable insights, results, and reports.

Pulse adds people-centric data to your infosec program.

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