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Haekka is the new paradigm in security awareness built for modern work. Intelligently train your workforce with the right content at the right time — entirely from the tools they already use.

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Haekka One.

The next generation of security, privacy, and compliance training focused on the human aspects of risk.

Heakka One continuously measures and reduces human risk by engaging employees with relevant, interactive content where, when, and how they work.

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A stagnant market.

Security awareness training was built for a previous era — to check a box. While the way we work has fundamentally shifted, training methods and training styles are still stuck in the 90s.

Threats against your people.

Your employees are a constant target. It’s never been easier for hackers and foreign governments to launch attacks. There isn't a security tool in the world that can prevent an employee from handing over the keys to the castle.

Haekka’s paradigm shift.

Haekka measures and lowers your human risk. With real time training, continuous engagement, smart nudges, and delivery within the flow of work. Haekka is the complete solution to connecting your security teams to your employees.

The Haekka Paradigm.

Security awareness training doesn't work. Your employees hate it, they struggle to complete it, and it doesn’t reduce your risk as a business. At worst, It kills the goodwill between your security team and your other employees.

5 tools → 1 platform → lower risk

Haekka is the only solution that continuously measures and reduces your risk by building a security mindset and positive experiences with security across your workforce, no matter where they work.

Haekka offers Training to stay on track for onboarding and annual requirements. Workflows for real-time nudges based on user behavior in SaaS apps. Streams for curated moments that build a security mindset. Engagements to keep employees informed and gather user risk data. Phishing to measure social engineering risk and keep employees sharp.

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Haekka Training.

Your employees will never have to leave Slack. No seriously.

Haekka’s Slack-first approach is unlike any other. Employees not only get reminders and nudges in Slack, they can take an entire training directly in Slack (even with video content).

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Creating Content

Content creation is as easy as clicking a button.

Always up-to-date and 100% customizable content for security awareness, HIPAA, privacy, GDPR, SaaS apps, PCI, harassment, and more. Importing content from other platforms is a breeze.

Assigning Content

Onboard thousands of employees in minutes.

Assign training to individuals, groups, workspaces, and channels, with Haekka's deep integration for Slack. We also have other provisioning options for HRIS, LMS, and IAM platforms.

Measure Content

Let Haekka continuously measure and report risk.

Haekka provides reports, and evidence for hundreds of employee data points. Need something more complex? Use our API to get results wherever you need them.

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Haekka Workflows.

Training never felt this smart.

How do you know when to train your staff? How do you know what topics to train your staff on? With Workflows, you can nudge your staff the instant they perform certain actions.

Haekka's deep integration with SaaS products allow you to engage your employees in real-time in the flow of work. Track risky events in SaaS tools like Slack, Google Workspace, and more. Use Workflows to build a continuous picture of your real SaaS risk.


When an employee performs a certain action in an application, for example shares a public file in Google Drive, Haekka receives a trigger for this event. Based on that trigger, we can assign training, nudge employees, alert admins, measure risk, or simply log the activity.

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Haekka Streams.

Don't just check the box. Help your employees learn year-round.

Haekka Streams are like channels of content. You subscribe to a Stream, tell Haekka which employees to engage, and sit back and relax.

Haekka will send content to that employee throughout the year (typically one lesson per week). Depending on the Stream, this content ranges in topic from privacy to security and everything in between.

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Available Streams

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Security Digest

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Cyber Month

Haekka Security Awareness Training Medical Icon

HIPAA Privacy

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Security Alerts

Anatomy of a Stream

When an employee receives a Stream post, they can acknowledge and rate the post. This provides valuable insight into how that content is being received.

Additionally, Stream posts are ordered by category, so you can see exactly how many lessons a user received for Phishing, Malware, Social Engineering, etc. for a given year.


Customers love Haekka.
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"If you're a tech company who uses Slack and you need to do company wide Privacy/Security training....I'd highly recommend checking them out. The content is clear, well written, easy to administer, scenario based, and most importantly, created to include current technology, infrastructure and risks. Well done!"

Alison Taylor

CEO | Jane

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"Writer has replaced my quarterly security awareness class with Haekka. My users could not be more pleased with the improved quality and I could not be more pleased with their improved completion rate."

JR Robinson

Head of Security | Writer

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" has become much easier for us to manage our employee training including timely notifications, options to follow up, view progress and comply with the industry standards... The security tips are an additional helpful bonus. All of our training requirements are covered with this amazing product."

Yash Shimpi

Security and Compliance | MaestroQA

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Haekka Pulse.

Measure employee awareness of threats, security incidents and announcements.

Pulse nudges are ad hoc or recurring quizzes, surveys, and announcements. Security teams use Pulse to instantly distribute alerts about threats or attacks and gather user risk reporting in real-time.

See Pulsein Action

Why Pulse instead of traditional methods of communication?

Pulse comes standard with responses, reports, and week-over-week versioning, so you can see exactly how your company is responding to threats and managing risk over time.

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Haekka Phishing.

A new take on a dated idea.

Phishing attacks are still primarily focused on email. Haekka’s Phishing Simulator integrates with email platforms like Gmail to detect user behavior and instantly train staff in Slack.

Heakka Phishing is a set-it-and-forget-it way to continually assess the risk of social engineering across your workforce and understand the effectiveness of your overall security awareness program.

See How Phishing Works

Phish periodically, train in real-time.

Thanks to Haekka's deep integration with Slack, you can train employees immediately after they click on a phishing link sent by Haekka.

Using Haekka's chrome extension, admins can track opens, forwards, do nothings, clicks, and even breaches. Employees are alerted and trained instantly when they perform insecure actions on emails.

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