Security training in Slack

Implement security and privacy training for your entire company in seconds with Haekka.
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Meet your compliance training requirements for HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and more, while building a culture of privacy — all from the convenience of your Slack instance.

Supported regulations and frameworks

Build a culture of privacy through engaging training.

Regulations are eating the world. Complying with privacy regulations and security assessments is table stakes in 2020. Haekka goes beyond checking the box to embed privacy and security into your company‘s operations.

Solve training for:

🎉  Make privacy fun and engaging.
💪  Build a culture of privacy.
🌎  Satisfy training requirements for multiple global regimes.

Haekka is different.

The old way of training doesn't work.

Haekka's micro-training is completely different. We've reimagined privacy and security training for technology teams and remote workforces.

Empower employees to lead your culture of privacy.

Employees expect training to be effective. They don’t want to waste their time checking the box for security and privacy training — they want to learn, they want to be engaged.

Haekka engages employees, which in turn empowers them to lead others in promoting corporate privacy.

Mico-training built and delivered for modern work.

Current security and privacy training is stale, written for large enterprises and legacy technology. Haekka training is written for modern technology companies, making it relatable and maximizing retention.

Quickly onboard new engineers and remote employees with Haekka.

Engaging, adaptive, and complete out of the box.

Don’t spin your wheels creating and maintaining a library of security and privacy training content. Haekka keeps up with modern technology and new regulations. Custom content coming soon.

Ensure Your employees have the knowledge they need to make the right decisions.

Ready to up your training game?

Haekka starts at just $2.50/user/month with a free 14 day trial. Add Haekka to Slack to start building a culture of privacy now!
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