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Haekka is a modern training platform for people that love Slack. Bring your own training content or choose from our growing library.

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Security awareness training doesn’t have to be a burden for you and your employees.

Haekka is the only security awareness platform embedded where your employees work everyday — Slack and Teams.

Employees know security matters. They know links in email can be dangerous and that installing random software is a risk. Teaching these same lessons with new styles — Netflix-level production, manga illustrations, comedy, etc. — doesn’t work.

Haekka is fundamentally different. We embed security awareness into the tools employees use, starting with Slack and Teams (coming soon), meaning there’s no context switching. Haekka works equally well in the office, at home, or in a hybrid environment.

For managers, you can consider security and privacy training done when you install Haekka.

Haekka will automatically renew your training to meet compliance requirements, it will continuously collect evidence in the background, and it will ensure your employees stay on track to complete their training.
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The old way of training doesn't work.

Haekka's micro-training is completely different. We've reimagined privacy and security training for technology teams and remote workforces.


Haekka is a Slack-native application. Create, customize and assign training to employees in Slack. Never worry about context switching.

Fast Onboarding

Get employees onboard quickly. Assign training via Slack channel, workspace sync, or manually. Haekka will keep your employees on track.

Weekly Tips

Haekka helps engage and train your staff on a continual basis. Weekly Security Tips keep your staff engaged on security topics.

Custom Content

Customize content from our library, or write your very own custom training. Haekka functions as your Slack-based LMS.

Graded Training

Graded scenarios help ensure your employees are reading your content and comprehending it to your level of satisfaction.


Haekka will automatically remind your employees of training assignments and their due dates to ensure they get it done on time.

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