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Connecting employees to security knowledge.

Haekka is your employee security headquarters in Slack. Instantly make employees aware of recent scams and vulnerabilities, internal security and privacy announcements, ad-hoc and recurring security surveys, changes to policies, and on-going awareness training.

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Connecting with employees is more than sending notifications. It’s about context.

Haekka is the only platform that empowers security and privacy teams to instantly connect directly with employees in Slack and with hyper-contextual content.

Create your own content or subscribe to Haekka Streams of timely, relevant, security and privacy content.


Connecting with employees drives engagement. Engagement creates a security mindset and culture.

Haekka’s Slack integration engages employees at the right time in the right context, and with the right content.

Give your employees security superpowers to protect themselves and your company against the constant and ever-changing threats waged against them.


Completion rates are for auditors. Go beyond training checkboxes with continuous security engagement metrics.

Haekka engages users with 100s of micro touch points per year. We collect 1,000s of meaningful security and risk data points each month. Use these data points to see how your workforce stacks up against other companies. Measure → assess → improve.

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Imagine never forcing your users to leave Slack to take training, share ideas, complete onboarding, or interact with core knowledge.

"If you're a tech company who uses Slack and you need to do company wide Privacy/Security training (including courses such as basic Security, HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, PCI, SOC 2 and more) I'd highly recommend checking them out. The content is clear, well written, easy to administer, scenario based, and most importantly, created to include current technology, infrastructure and risks. Well done! 👏"

Alison Taylor | CEO,

"With Haekka, it has become much easier for us to manage our employee training including timely notifications, options to follow up, view progress and comply with the industry standards while providing easier ways for our employees to undergo the training on their own timeline. The security tips are an additional helpful bonus. All of our training requirements are covered with this amazing product."

Yash Shimpi | Security and Compliance, MaestroQA

“I've literally never done a security training that I could describe as remotely delightful. But this was! What a fun way to learn things. I could not recommend Haekka more!”

May Habib, CEO | Writer

"Honestly this is the best training tool I've seen. Academic/Hospital tends to be very dry, and those who have some PHI to worry about tend to give too little (training). This struck a nice balance with more real-world examples."

Cody Roberts | Software Engineer, CancerIQ

"This Haekka app is an awesome way to do HIPAA training, BTW. The standard training modules for the same/similar content are much less enjoyable."

Haekka User | Sift Healthcare

"Writer has replaced my quarterly security awareness class with Haekka. My users could not be more pleased with the improved quality and I could not be more pleased with their improved completion rate."

JR Robinson | Head of Security, Writer
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