This document our privacy policy, reflecting how we treat customer data. Instead of a long document, our goal is to keep this simple and understandable, so you know how we handle your data. Our team previously built scalable, secure, compliant infrastructure for highly regulated industries so respect for data and privacy is in our DNA.

Privacy Principles at Haekka

The following Privacy Principles guide our decisions and approach to customer data. These are the basis of our worldview and something we wish we saw from other companies. These are the Principles that guide our work and products at Haekka.

  • We only collect data necessary to deliver our products and services.
  • We do not sell customer data to 3rd parties.
  • We examine the privacy settings and philosophy of all potential partners.
  • You will be able to delete or edit your personal data.
  • We will protect your data at all times using industry-best practices.
  • If we ever discover a breach of your data, we will notify you.

We tried to keep it simple. Our commitment to you is to follow our Principles. Should you ever have questions about our Principles, please contact us.

What data we collect

In order to better manage, secure, and enable your data rights, we classify all of our user data into categories. There are three basic categories of data we collect:

Identifiable data (name, email address, etc)

We get this data from your Slack or Teams workspace when an admin installs the Haekka application.

Public website data (browsing data, cookies, etc);

We use this data to optimize our public web experience. We do not store this data and at times will use approved 3rd parties, such as marketing platforms, that will store certain identifiable information such as IP address.

Training data (content, curriculum, learning paths, etc.); and

Training data is not identifiable to you. In some cases, if you create content, there will be a unique user identifier linked to the content. This is not identifiable and only used by Haekka products to match content to users that created it.

Application usage data (how customers interact and experience our product).

We collect this data to understand how you use the Haekka application (what you click on, the way you navigate the app, etc). This data also has a unique identifier used by Haekka software.

Why we collect data

As our first Privacy Principle states - we only collect data we need to deliver our products and services. This mandates a minimum necessary approach to data collection. We do not make money on user data and, in fact, view user data as a liability. We only want data that we can use to deliver value to you, our users. And only value that we deem to be greater than the liability of having the data in the first place.

This minimum necessary approach is contrary to the approach taken by most of the services on the internet and almost all the apps on your phone. For too long, online services on both your computer and on your phone have collected as much data as they can get away with, including egregious examples of things like contact lists and location data. We take a different approach to your data and your privacy.

How we use the data we collect

Identifiable Data

Our primary use for your identifiable data is user account management. This includes contact information and basic information about your position and role, including, but not limited to, name, email, display name, and user IDs of applications to which we integrate. We will also use this data to recommend and deliver training that is catered to certain types of information about you.

Website Data

We use this information to optimize the experience of using our public website.

Training Data

Training is the educational content in the Haekka application. Training content is created by Haekka, Haekka customers, and Haekka partners.

Application Usage Data

App usage data is used to improve the app experience for you. We use this data to understand how you use the app, where there may be bottlenecks or roadblocks to certain in app actions, and track the outcome of the changes we make to the design and experience of the application.

Requesting Your Data, Modifying, or deleting your data

How to request information and take action on your data: All Haekka users are eligible to request a complete export of the data we've collected on them. You can request this export by sending us an email at with a note indicating you'd like an export of your information.

Legal disclosure of personal information

There are times when we are required to disclose personal information by law enforcement.

Data retention

We retain data for as long as needed in order to provide our services and products. This means so long as you and your company are Haekka customers, we retain your data. When you ceased to be a Haekka customer, we retain data only for the amount of time required by law. This is specific to geographical regions. See CCPA and GDPR.

Of course, we do not retain data if a user has requested for it to be deleted. In those cases, we process deletion requests within 10 days.

Third parties that may access Haekka data

We do work with third parties to help deliver our products. As a part of our vetting process for new partners, we examine the services we are using to understand how these partners will treat our data. We work hard to ensure alignment between our Privacy Policies and the services we use.


Our static websites are hosted and served by Webflow. You can read more about privacy at Webflow here.


Some of our websites, like this one that you're on, are hosted and served by Notion. You can read more about privacy at Notion here.


Our core application is hosted on Heroku. More on Heroku’s privacy, security and compliance practices can be found here.


Olark provides our static website with location information on users based on their IP. We only use this information when you use our “chat” functionality located in the bottom section of our marketing website. You can read more about Olark’s privacy policy here.


For subscriptions and payment processing we use Stripe. You can read more about Stripe’s privacy and compliance practice here.

Privacy Shield

Our privacy policy aligns with the requirements of the Privacy Shield Framework. Any data privacy disputes under Privacy Shield are handled by a panel established by DPAs or the Commissioner. We are a US entity subject to enforcement powers of US regulatory bodies.

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