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Getting Started with Engagements

Engagements (aka: Pulse) are a great way to:

  • Share announcements
  • Assign quizzes
  • Conduct surveys
  • and more!

To get started, you can head over here → https://dashboard.haekka.com/engagements and click "Create Engagement". From there, you can select your options for the engagement and create it. Once inside the engagement view, you can add new messages as well as assign employees by navigating to the employees tab. Note: channel engagement do not have assigned employees. To see engagements in action, checkout the video tutorial below:


What is the difference between a "Specific Users" and "Channel" engagement?

Specific User engagements are engagements that get sent directly to assigned employees of your choosing through the Haekka Slack app. Channel engagements are sent to an entire channel. With Specific User engagements, all Action types are available. With Channel engagements, only User Acknowledged and External URL action types are supported.

What are action types?

Action types are ways in which your team members interact with an engagement message. The full list of action types are listed below:

  • No Action - this is simply a message sent with no button or action associated with it. Limitations include single-message engagements
  • User Acknowledged - this is a button that confirms the user has read the engagement.
  • Multiple Choice Response - this is a series of answers of your choosing that the employee can choose from. These answers have correct and incorrect indications.
  • Neutral Answer Response - this is a series of answers of your choosing that the employee can choose from. These answers do not have correct or incorrect indications. This is the option for creating a survey.
  • Written Response - this provides the user with the ability to write their own response.
  • External URL - this is the ability to provide a button at the end of the message that goes to a URL of your choosing.

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