Context-aware training

Trigger nudges, assign training and measure risk based on employee behavior.

Use our simple visual editor to create Workflows that detect user events in SaaS apps and dynamically assign training, nudge employees, or log risk.

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Trigger actions based on user behavior.

Workflows ingest real-time events from SaaS APIs and instantly nudge employees on the events they just performed while logging any associated risk from the event.

The average company uses 100s of SaaS apps that contain millions of sensitive records. Workflows are the missing layer to promoting a security mindset and measuring risk across SaaS apps.

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How it works

When an employee performs a certain action in an application such as sharing a public file in Google Drive, Haekka receives a trigger for this event.

Based on that trigger, we nudge employees, assign training, alert admins, or simply log the risk of the activity. This is configurable by admins.

Real-time smart nudges

Workflows detect user events within SaaS apps in real time and dynamically perform an action based on the triggered event. It’s not just smart, it feels like magic.

With Workflows you can...assign a training to a user, send a custom message to that user, or log the event and alert admins.

Forging a new path

Workflows work with events in the following SaaS apps:

→ Slack
→ Google Workspace Ecosystem

→ Github (coming soon)
→ Jira service desk (coming soon)
→ + dozens more in the works

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