Empowering employees to fight back against cyberattacks.

Training and awareness reinvented.

Haekka makes training fun and effective by bringing together advanced and smart assignment techniques, exciting content, and SaaS integrations.

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Features you want and need.

When was the last time you took Security awareness training? Was it fun or effective? What about any other types of training? Was logging into that clunky LMS to watch some dated videos worth your time?

Haekka is different. We embed training and modern learning techniques directly into Slack.

Haekka One

Training to stay on track for onboarding and annual. Workflows to trigger real-time training events. Streams to effortlessly train your staff year-round. Engagements to keep your employees informed. Phishing to keep your employees sharp.


Train your staff.

Deploy training with ease.

Haekka's deep integration with Slack means your employees never have to break their concentration. Haekka training can be taken entirely in Slack hassle free.

Training Catalog

Haekka ships with hundreds of courses, micro-trainings, and lessons. Use our content out of the box, or edit it and make it your own.

Assigning Content

Assigning training never felt so fun. Add users from Slack channels, usergroups, workspaces, and more.


Add dynamic due dates, automatic renewals, tags, categories, and more. Haekka's training is highly customizable to fit your needs.

Training Games

Create "choose your own adventure" style games in Slack with Haekka's branching scenarios training.


Stay up to date with training via Haekka's smart notification system. Need evidence? Download reports on the fly.


Our public API allows you to push and pull training results in real-time. Use Haekka to deploy training from your existing LMS.


Haekka keeps employees on track by reminding them to complete training on time.

Forced Retakes

Graded training allows organizations to force employees to retake training when they've failed to achieve a certain grade.


Intelligent SaaS triggers.

Detect user SaaS-events. Do something about it.

Workflows integrates with SaaS apps to detect when certain events happen. Based on those events, Haekka can send users messages, assign training, or log the activity.


Our deep integration with SaaS apps allow us to see when certain risky events take place (file sharing, permission changes, etc.)


Based on each event, admins can tell Haekka what to do — send a custom message, assign a training, or log the activity.


Haekka integrates with Slack, Google Workspace and HRIS platforms — with hundreds of new sources and triggers in the works.


Automate employee engagement.

Streams are channels of content you can subscribe to.

Haekka Streams allow you to help employees make the right security decisions year-round. With topical and fun lessons every week, Streams is the leading way to keep security top of mind outside of annual training cycles.


Subscribing to a Stream is as easy as clicking a button. Find the content channels you want, and start streaming.


Keep employees up to date on security and privacy content. Assign via Channel, Workspace, HR integration and more.


Every Stream post can be approved, edited, or skipped. Use Haekka's powerful content editor to custom fit each post to your businesses needs.


Keep employees informed.

Instantly alert employees of threats, policy updates, and more.

Pulse nudges are ad-hoc or recurring messages sent to employees in Slack. Use Haekka Pulse to engage employees on security and privacy topics, send and track quizzes and deploy pulse surveys.


Write your own Pulse content and upload videos, or use Haekka's catalog of example quizzes, surveys and more.


Nudges are powerful because they can help you track employee engagement over time. Send a one-time engagement, or recurring.


Track responses, comprehension, views, and more. Know exactly which employees are interacting with content.


A modern take on Phishing.

Send simulated phishing attacks, have Haekka train your employees in Slack instantly.

Haekka's extensive library of Phishing templates allow organizations to distribute campaigns with ease. Create a campaign, select a template, and let Haekka help keep your employees sharp.


Campaigns can be set up as ad-hoc or recurring attacks. Easily assign users via our deep Slack and HRIS integrations.


Choose from dozens of templates ranging in topics — SaaS tool emails, internal HR scams, CEO scams, and more are all available.


Haekka's powerful campaign tracking tools give you a timeline of how employee is responding to individual email threats.


When an employee clicks a link in a Phishing attack, Haekka instantly trains that employee in Slack. Providing real-time intervention.


When employees suspect a Phishing attempt, they can use Haekka's chrome extension to alert admins of threats.

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