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How CancerIQ uses Haekka to put HIPAA compliance on autopilot!

CancerIQ helps providers use genetic information to predict, pre-empt, and prevent disease - starting with cancer. CancerIQ helps leading health systems maximize the clinical and financial value of using genetics in routine care. Together we can help to detect and prevent the deadliest and earliest onset cancers.

The Challenge

In today's cloud-connected world, HIPAA compliance is tougher than ever. The old days of a few employees managing private health information (PHI) at one facility are over. The rise of digital healthcare startups means many more employees are responsible for protecting private health data, and remote work puts more of a burden on companies to ensure their employees are not risk vectors.

CancerIQ is “a small company with large clients'', so failing a HIPAA audit would prove disastrous. HIPAA compliance needs effective training to build best practices, testing to verify employees retained the information from training, and frequent re-training to make sure employees stay updated on evolving standards. For a growing company like CancerIQ, this can be an extremely time consuming process. Every minute spent in inefficient training with low retention rates is time better spent on carrying out the firm's mission.   

Solution & Outcome

Haekka provides CancerIQ with HIPAA training embedded into Slack! Haekka’s unique in that it brings training to the apps that employees use on a day to day basis, so there’s no context switching needed. Being integrated with Slack makes setup a breeze. In fact, a single engineer got Haekka running for CancerIQ, no large IT team needed! 

“[Deploying Haekka was] very simple. Any issues that we ran into were handled by Travis and Ryan with a quick turn around.”

After its deployment, Haekka makes administering training super easy. All managers need to do is assign training to certain employees, or to entire Slack channels at once. Employees are automatically notified of new training and given a timeline to complete it. Haekka provides admin with real-time feedback and allows them to give out quizzes. There’s options for quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly retraining to make the learning as effective as possible. 

“From an administrative perspective (IT/Compliance) I’m very satisfied with Haekka.” 

Haekka is the simplest way to take the pain out of keeping your organization compliant. It ships with a large library of included training such as security awareness and workplace ethics, and includes the ability to write/upload custom content tailored to your firm's needs! Hundreds of companies today are using Haekka to streamline their training in Slack. Join them today at haekka.com

“If you’re a small business operating in the healthcare industry, and you don’t have a full-time employee working on compliance, Haekka pays for itself.”

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