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Sift Healthcare

How Sift Healthcare uses Haekka’s integrated security awareness and privacy training to ensure HIPAA Compliance

Sift Healthcare is a rapidly growing data science company that optimizes how healthcare providers manage insurance reimbursement and patient collections. Sift demystifies healthcare payments by delivering actionable intelligence to healthcare administrators and integrating machine learning into revenue cycle workflows. Sift’s AI enables healthcare providers to identify optimal collection strategies, forecast payments and optimize their work efforts. You can learn more about Sift at www.sifthealthcare.com.

The Challenge

Complying with HIPAA is a requirement for business associates like Sift that work with private health information (PHI) to build trust with customers and accelerate cloud implementation. Today’s increase in remote work means that ensuring HIPAA compliance is more complicated than in years past, and passing audits requires better training. 

Traditional security awareness training is administered infrequently, non-relevant, and hard to digest. Security standards change all the time, but firms that stick to traditional learning methods find themselves falling behind.  Employees have a hard time retaining information when training is ineffective, and firms pay the price to the tune of millions of dollars. As a firm that works with large quantities of PHI connected to the cloud, Sift Healthcare knew that effective security awareness training was paramount to their continued growth. 

The Solution

Haekka provides Sift Healthcare relevant, digestible, and enjoyable security awareness training embedded into Slack. Being integrated with Slack allows Sift Healthcare employees to update their knowledge and maintain best security practices without disrupting their workday. Haekka is fully customizable with a large catalog of trainings, so Sift Healthcare is able to tailor Haekka to serve their needs. 

Haekka is easy to use and can be installed and ready in minutes, which helps expanding companies like Sift move fast. Haekka allows Sift to assign different training to certain employees, administer quizzes and collect feedback, and provides certificates of completion so users can show they have completed a course.


“This Haekka app is an awesome way to do HIPAA training, BTW. The standard training modules for the same/similar content are much less enjoyable” - Data Scientist at Sift
  • Haekka’s platform received 100% positive feedback from Sift Healthcare’s user base. 
  • Sift’s average training time has gone down by 50% for employees and 90% for admins.
  • Employee engagement rates have increased by over 30% and Sift has had 0 challenges ensuring HIPAA compliance 

Sift is continuing to use Haekka since no other LMS on the market is as easy to use as Haekka. Keeping everything in Slack allows their employees to avoid context switching, and Haekka makes it easy for admins to assign refresher trainings as needed. Repeating trainings keeps information fresh in employees minds and ensures no one forgets best practices. 

Sift is just one example of a cloud-connected healthcare provider benefitting from Haekka. Hundreds of other companies have taken their training to Slack and built a culture of privacy from the ground up! Join them today at haekka.com

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