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Security Awareness, Training, Open Source

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PagerDuty Open Source Security Awareness Training

Lesson 1 | Introduction

Lesson 2 | Social Engineering

Lesson 3 | Social Engineering - Phishing

Lesson 4 | Protect yourself from social engineering

Lesson 5 | Passwords

Lesson 6 | Passwords Best Practices

Lesson 7 | More than Passwords

Lesson 8 | Physical Security

Lesson 9 | Data Handling

Lesson 10 | Compliance‍

PagerDuty’s open source security awareness training was developed by Rich Adams. We adapted the training for delivery in Haekka with professional recorded voice and video as well as the addition of scenarios and questions. We contributed back all changes and additions.

This security awareness training is meant for all employees and meets the requirements of annual security training contained in SOC 2 as well as the security training requirements in the HIPAA Security Rule.

The content, which was originally written for PagerDuty employees, is relevant to modern technology companies. The content is more hands-on than typical security awareness training. The content is heavily slides and video.

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