PagerDuty Open Source Security Training

Haekka has PagerDuty's open source security awareness training to work in Slack. Take advantage of PagerDuty's strong security curriculum to train your staff while Haekka eases the burden of enrollment, reminders, and proof for your audits.
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Easy Administration

Haekka makes it dead simple to leverage PagerDuty's security awareness training for your employees. Assign training to individuals, channels, or your entire company and allow users to complete training without leaving Slack.

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Tailor it to your company

Haekka forked PagerDuty's security awareness training. From Haekka, you can customize the training for your company. Take advantage of the great training content from PagerDuty but make it specific and relevant to your employees.

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Evidence on Auto-pilot

When you use PagerDuty's open source training in Haekka, we continually collect evidence of employee training so you always have access to real-time evidence for your auditors, customers, and partners.

Fulfill your Security Awareness Training Requirements

PagerDuty's Open Source Security training has you covered for SOC 2, the HIPAA Security Rule, and more. See a full listing of lessons below:

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