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What is Micro-training?

September 2, 2020

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At Haekka, we use the term “micro-training” to describe the types of courses we deliver. Our training, by design, is consumed in small increments. When we re-imagined training for modern work, it was more than re-imaging the delivery mechanism. Modern training should align with and be integrated into daily workflows. This increases the effectiveness of training while building and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement.

Micro-training, as we define it at Haekka, is comprised of lessons that can be consumed in under 5 minutes. That constraint prioritizes the value of content over the volume of content. By removing the fluff and focusing on content that provides high value for the work people are doing at technology companies, we see drastic improvement across six core components of learning.


While the goal is for users to be able to learn or reinforce a concept in under 5 minutes, all Haekka training includes links to additional content and formats — videos, slides, text, and links that allow users to dig deeper into topics if they so choose. This flexibility enables us to meet users where they are in terms of interests, allowing them to pursue additional learning when desired while ensuring a baseline of comprehension is achieved for all topics.


Delivering content on a regular basis reinforces lessons, which has been proven to increase the retention of material. Micro-training is delivered on a regular cadence, typically between once per day, per week, or bi-weekly. At Haekka, our default setting is the delivery of training every other week.


Micro-training can be consumed by users whenever and wherever they have 5 minutes available. Whether on their mobile device., first thing in the morning, at the end of the day or as a break from their current work, users can jump into and complete Haekka training without having it get in their way.


Regular training improves engagement with the material. Today’s workers lose focus when forced to spend hours and days in lectures, videos, and PDFs. Micro-training is right-sized to the ways people consume content both at work and at home.


Micro-training enables more precise targeting of training where and when it is needed. The analytics on employee engagement and comprehension is granular with micro-training. The content itself is granular, meaning identifying and resolving gaps in comprehension is more effective.


Micro-training makes content creation easy. Content can be created from real security and privacy events, easily leveraging incidents as teachable moments. This also enables anyone within an organization to easily create content with Haekka. Given how well contained micro-training can be, users can take a small concept, create a few lessons and share that with their colleagues in less than 30 minutes. Compare that to the days and weeks it would take to build a more formal course in a legacy LMS.

We took inspiration from modern educational platforms like Quizlet, Kahoot, and Flipgrid. These platforms offer engaging, byte-size training. Training is topical and often super-specific. The training can be done using mobile apps or the web. All of these platforms are powerful supplements to traditional education, increasing comprehension and retention. They are helping millions of teachers and students. These platforms are changing the way kids learn. Haekka wants to do the same thing for employee education and micro-training is a large part of our approach.

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