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Next Generation LMS -> Slack LMS

January 17, 2023

Are you searching for a way to enhance your organization's security awareness training? Look no further than Haekka! Schedule a demo with us to discover how we can help you reduce costs by 75% while boosting employee satisfaction with our training by 81%.
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Slack, the preferred communication platform for modern businesses and teams, works great as a modern Learning Management System (LMS). This easy and embedded approach to learning management allows for seamless communication and collaboration among learners and admins. The ease and embedded nature of a Slack LMS creates a connection between learning and learners that is hard to replicate from a traditional LMS.

Traditionally, LMSs have been separate, often bulky, platforms that require separate login credentials and are not always user-friendly. This can be a barrier for users and admins who are already overwhelmed with multiple logins and platforms. However, with Slack, all members of the team are already familiar with the platform, making it easier for them to access and contribute to the learning happening in Slack. This makes the learning experience more efficient, and it eliminates the need for multiple logins and platforms.

Slack is a connector to your SaaS and tech stack. Slack's integration with other tools such as Google Drive, GitHub, and Salesforce allows for easy sharing of material and interlinking between training and workflows in apps. This makes learning more relevant. Slack's built-in formatting also makes adding interactive content like videos and quizzes easy. Also, Slack allows for real-time interaction between learners and admin if they have questions about training.

Slack's ability to create channels for specific topics or groups can help to keep training and teams organized. Each channel can be dedicated to a specific topic, training, or group, making it easy to ensure the right training is assigned and delivered to the right person.

Another benefit of using Slack as an LMS is the ability to make notification about training actionable. As an example, users can click on a Slack notification and the training opens in the same chat stream. This breaks down barriers to learning and completing training and reduces context switching.

Slack also comes with apps for every platform so, by default, a Slack LMS can be run anywhere Slack can be run - desktop, web, or mobile. This meets users where they work. At Haekka, we’ve discovered that anywhere from ⅓ to ½ of users complete training on mobile.

Using Slack as an LMS has many benefits. It allows for seamless communication and collaboration between learners and admins, easy access to content and resources, and the ability to provide learners with immediate feedback. It also eliminates the need for multiple logins and platforms, making it more user-friendly. If you are looking for a modern LMS that can help to improve the learning experience, Slack is definitely worth considering.

Haekka was built to make the process of moving to Slack as an LMS seamless. Customers can use Haekka as a standalone Slack LMS or can use Haekka as a bridge between their LMS and Slack. As a bridge, Haekka formats and delivers training to users in Slack handles all notifications and writes results back to the LMS.

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