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How to Bring Ninjio Security Awareness Training to Slack

January 26, 2023

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Slack works great as an LMS. With Haekka, you can assign training to Slack users, channels, or all users in your Slack instance. When you assign training to a channel or all of Slack, any new users added to those channels or Slack are automatically enrolled in the training. Additionally, Slack offers embedded notifications for training, making it simple to offload the unfun task of nagging people to complete training.

We recently wrote a guide on how to bring KnowBe4 security awareness training to Slack with Haekka. In this post, we will walk through how to bring Ninjio security awareness training to Slack.

Bringing Ninjio Training to Slack

Ninjio is a leading security awareness training and phishing simulation provider. They offer security awareness training in seasons, like television seasons. They also recently acquired a company to drive more intelligent training and interventions based on machine learning.

Ninjio allows for the export of training content for delivery and management of learning (user management, assignment, results, etc.) via LMS systems. This is called Ninjio Aware Enterprise. This export functionality enables Ninjio customers to obtain security awareness training content and seasons that can then be assigned and delivered in Slack with Haekka.

Ninjor training content can be exported in multiple SCORM formats, HTML5, .mp4. All of these formats can be easily imported into Haekka and delivered to learning in Slack.

Step-by-Step Guide to Bring Ninjio Training to Slack

Bringing your Ninjio security awareness training to Slack is simple with Haekka. Below are the steps.

  1. Choose the training content you want to export from Ninjio.
  2. Choose the format for the Ninjio content export.
  3. Go to the Haekka Dashboard and navigate to the Catalog on the left-hand side.
  4. Add a Blank Template Training. The below 👇 screenshot shows the suggested Haekka settings for annual, graded, security training:
  1. Confirm your selection by pressing the green button. This will create a new blank training in Haekka for Ninjio Season 2. You can add lessons, such as a lesson for each episode of the Ninjio season.
  2. Each lesson can have 1-10 questions.
  3. For Ninjio video content, you can upload the MP4 video file to the lesson, paste a link to the video in the lesson content, or paste a link to the video in the video field (this last option will ensure the video shows up in the top of the lesson).

With the above steps, you should be all set. You have exported your Ninjio security awareness training content and it can now be delivered to users in Slack.

You can now assign the training to individuals, channels, or your entire Slack instance. Haekka will handle formatting so the security awareness training content from Ninjio is displayed correctly in Slack. Haekka will also manage reminders to ensure training is completed by the due date. And, all evidence for audits will be available to admins from the Heakka dashboard.

If you are a Ninjio customer and want to see what Ninjio training content looks like in Slack, shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process of bringing your Ninjio training to Slack.

Training Content in Slack

Haekka handles the formatting to ensure training content looks great in Slack. Haekka supports text, images, attachments, videos (embedded or hosted), surveys, questions, slides, and about anything else. If you want help creating content, we also provide services to develop custom content for you.

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