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Exploring the Most Popular Slack Emojis

July 3, 2023

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Here are 5-8 bullets summarizing the blog post on the most popular Slack emojis:

  • Slack emojis are integral to effective team communication and collaboration.
  • The "thumbs up" 👍emoji is widely used to acknowledge messages and express agreement.
  • The "fire" 🔥emoji ignites enthusiasm and excitement, emphasizing exceptional work.
  • The "100" 💯emoji symbolizes perfection and acknowledges outstanding efforts.
  • The "thinking face" 🤔emoji prompts thoughtful reflection and invites collaboration.
  • The "raised hands" ✋emoji celebrates success and fosters unity among team members.
  • The "clap" 👏emoji offers praise and appreciation for exceptional work.
  • The "smiley" 😀emoji spreads positivity and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

These popular Slack emojis enhance communication, reinforce teamwork, and contribute to a productive work environment.


Communication has evolved significantly, with various platforms offering innovative ways to connect and collaborate. Among these platforms, Slack has emerged as the popular choice for startup and growth-focused teams, enabling seamless communication and enhancing productivity. A key part of Slack's communication culture is the extensive collection of emojis. In this blog post, we will delve into the realm of Slack emojis, exploring some of the most popular ones and their significance in fostering effective team communication.

  1. :thumbs_up: 👍- The Universal Sign of Approval: The "thumbs up" emoji is a simple yet powerful way to acknowledge messages, express agreement, and offer positive feedback. Its versatility and universal understanding make it one of the most frequently used emojis in Slack conversations, ensuring quick and efficient communication without the need for lengthy responses.
  2. :fire: 🔥- Igniting Enthusiasm and Excitement: The "fire" emoji serves as a visual representation of enthusiasm, excitement, or a job well done. It is often used to highlight outstanding achievements, or exceptional ideas, or simply to show appreciation. This emoji injects energy into conversations, encouraging team members and fostering a vibrant and engaging work atmosphere.
  3. :100: 💯- Emphasizing Perfection: When someone achieves perfection or delivers exceptional work, the "100" emoji comes into play. It symbolizes excellence, a flawless outcome, or a task completed to the utmost satisfaction. Slack users often utilize this emoji to acknowledge someone's extraordinary effort, reinforcing a culture of high standards and appreciation for quality work.
  4. :thinking_face: 🤔- Engaging in Thoughtful Reflection: The "thinking face" emoji is an excellent tool for promoting reflective discussions or seeking input from team members. It signals that a question or idea requires careful consideration, inviting individuals to contribute their thoughts and insights. Its usage encourages critical thinking, brainstorming, and collaborative decision-making within Slack channels.
  5. :raised_hands: ✋- Celebrating Success: When team members achieve significant milestones, successfully conclude projects, or overcome challenges, the "raised hands" emoji serves as a fitting celebration. It conveys a sense of accomplishment, unity, and collective victory, fostering a supportive and encouraging work environment. The enthusiastic usage of this emoji helps boost morale, inspire teamwork, and maintain motivation.
  6. :clap: 👏- Applauding Great Work: Acknowledging someone's effort and applauding their achievements can be effectively conveyed through the "clap" emoji. This emoji represents appreciation and praise for outstanding work, initiatives, or contributions. Using it within Slack channels fosters positive reinforcement and motivates individuals to continue their exceptional performance.
  7. :smiley: 😀 - Spreading Positivity: A classic emoji, the "smiley" conveys joy, happiness, and positivity. Its usage in Slack chats helps create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, allowing team members to express their satisfaction, agreement, or contentment. By infusing conversations with positivity, this emoji strengthens team bonds and encourages open and constructive dialogue.

What Slack emojis are used most in Slack trainings?

At Haekka, all of our training is formatted and optimized for delivery and consumption in Slack. This includes all of our training but also custom trainings created by our customers and partners. Even when customers simply move training from an existing vendor like KnowBe4 or NINJIO, those customers tend to add Slack emojis to the trainings on Haekka. We examined trainings to see what emojis are used most on Haekka. In addition to many of the above, we found the following emojis were commonly used.

  1. :point-right: 👉- This is commonly used in training for bullets or to call out an important point from a lesson.
  2. :supervillian: 🦹- Used often to show a cyberattacker.
  3. :money-bag: 💰 - Since many cyberattacks such as ransomware attacks result in the exchange of money, this is a commonly used emoji..
  4. :loudspeaker: 📢- We found this emoji was used commonly as a means to call out notifying people of breaches or security incidents..

Considering the majority of training on Haekka is security awareness, most of these emojis make a lot of sense.


Slack emojis play a significant role in enhancing team communication and collaboration by adding emotion, context, and efficiency to conversations. Whether it's acknowledging achievements, fostering reflection, celebrating success, or simply spreading positivity, these emojis serve as powerful tools for strengthening team dynamics and creating a vibrant work environment. By utilizing these popular Slack emojis effectively, teams can elevate their communication, foster a sense of belonging, and ultimately achieve greater productivity and success. So, go ahead and express yourself with emojis, and watch how they transform your team's collaboration experience on Slack.

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