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In this release, we're launching the next version of Haekka. With web-based training, HRIS integrations, major performance upgrades, and more.

Web-based Training

You've asked for it, and it's finally here. Haekka now works in both Slack and on the Web. Employees can log into and take any new and existing trainings.

Want to switch back and forth between the Web and Slack? No problem. Haekka tracks user's progress across both platforms, ensuring a seamless experience no matter where a user might be interacting with content.


Engagements are completely new in Haekka 2.0.0. Improvements include — decoupling quizzes from training, allowing multiple questions, delivering engagements with rich text and markup via the Slack messages tab, and better scheduling.

Demo Training

As Haekka's catalog of training has grown, we've wanted to introduce ways of demoing content without having to assign it to anyone. With 2.0.0, admins can now preview any training in the entire Haekka catalog.

HRIS Integrations

Haekka can now integrate with your favorite HR tools. We currently support Gusto and Workday, with other integrations in development.

Other Improvements

Performance upgrades, email notifications, bug fixes, an iOS mobile-extension, and more. This release brings the largest set of improvements since Haekka's initial launch.

"If you're a tech company who uses Slack and you need to do company wide Privacy/Security training (including courses such as basic Security, HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, PCI, SOC 2 and more) I'd highly recommend checking them out. The content is clear, well written, easy to administer, scenario based, and most importantly, created to include current technology, infrastructure and risks. Well done! 👏"

Alison Taylor | CEO,

"With Haekka, it has become much easier for us to manage our employee training including timely notifications, options to follow up, view progress and comply with the industry standards while providing easier ways for our employees to undergo the training on their own timeline. The security tips are an additional helpful bonus. All of our training requirements are covered with this amazing product."

Yash Shimpi | Security and Compliance, MaestroQA

“I've literally never done a security training that I could describe as remotely delightful. But this was! What a fun way to learn things. I could not recommend Haekka more!”

May Habib, CEO | Writer

"This Haekka app is an awesome way to do HIPAA training, BTW. The standard training modules for the same/similar content are much less enjoyable."

Haekka User | Sift Healthcare

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