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SOC 2, Security, Compliance, Training

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SOC 2 Primer - An Introduction to SOC 2

Lesson 1 | Introduction to SOC 2

Lesson 2 | SOC 2 Trust Services Criteria

Lesson 3 | SOC 2 Reports

Lesson 4 | SOC 2 Recap

This course was created based on customer feedback to Haekka and based on Haekka’s experience managing companies that have to go through SOC 2 audits for SOC 2 reports. The course serves to create a common language around SOC 2 and create a baseline of knowledge about SOC 2.

The content of the course primarily focuses on what SOC 2 is, the different SOC 2 report options, and how to use a SOC 2 report with the market (customers and partners).

The training is not required under SOC 2. The training required by SOC 2 is security awareness. This training can be assigned to anybody at a company, whether technical or not.

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