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Security Awareness Training (Adobe)

Security Awareness Training (Adobe)

Written by: Adobe
Security Awareness, Training, Open Source

Episode 1 | Passwords

Episode 2 | Data Handling

Episode 3 | Computer Theft

Episode 4 | Phishing and Ransomware

Episode 5 | Removable Media

Episode 6 | Vishing

Episode 7 | Downloading Files

Episode 8 | WiFi

This security awareness training was developed by Adobe in partnership with the National Cyber Security Alliance. The training is built upon short, comical videos that focus on specific security topics. The videos are extremely high quality with a high production value. To buttress these high quality videos, Haekka added text content as well as lesson questions to test learners' knowledge.

This security awareness training is meant for all employees and meets the requirements of annual security training contained in SOC 2 as well as the security training requirements in the HIPAA Security Rule.

This training was originally developed in 2019. All of the 8 topics covered are still the most relevant training today. This training is highly entertaining, making it an engaging option for companies looking for a fun way to do security training.

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