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Security Awareness, Training, Foundation

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Security Awareness Training

Lesson 1 | Security is everybody's job

Lesson 2 | Security vs Privacy vs Compliance

Lesson 3 | The world has changed

Lesson 4 | Threats to you and your company

Lesson 5 | Securing your accounts

Lesson 6 | Securing your computer

Lesson 7 | Securing your phone

Lesson 8 | Phishing

Lesson 9 | Preventing phishing

Lesson 10 | Malware

Lesson 11 | Security considerations for remote work

Lesson 12 | What to do when something goes wrong

Haekka’s security awareness training was developed internally by the Haekka team based on our experience creating security training for remote employees at technology companies. The training contains a mix of text and relatable scenarios that help make the topics tangible for learners.

This security awareness training is meant for all employees and meets the requirements of annual security training contained in SOC 2 as well as the security training requirements in the HIPAA Security Rule.

This training was originally developed in 2020 and was completely updated for 2021 with coverage dedicated to remote and hybrid work, Covid, and new modes of asynchronous communications.

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