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PIPEDA Training 2022

PIPEDA Training 2022

PIPEDA, Training, Privacy, Canada

Lesson 1 | Introduction to PIPEDA

Lesson 2 | Information that PIPEDA protects

Lesson 3 | Who needs to comply with PIPEDA

Lesson 4 | Exceptions to PIPEDA

Lesson 5 | Provincial privacy laws

Lesson 6 | PIPEDA's 10 Fair Information Principles

Lesson 7 | PIPEDA data usage no go zones

Lesson 8 | PIPEDA training requirements

Lesson 9 | PIPEDA investigations and penalties

This training covers requirements for complying with Canada's Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). It includes what PIPEDA is, what information it protects, who must comply with PIPEDA, and PIPEDA's 10 Fair Information Principles.

This training can be taken via Slack or via our web-based platform. We recommend this training for any companies as well as for any organizations that collect personal data from Canadians.

This course can be supplemented with our Security Awareness Training to ensure your teams know how to protect data on top of complying with privacy regulations.

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