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PCI Primer - An Introduction to PCI

PCI Primer - An Introduction to PCI

Written by: Haekka
PCI, Finance, Compliance, Training

Lesson 1 | Introduction to PCI

Lesson 2 | Entities under PCI

Lesson 3 | Best practices for PCI

Lesson 4 | Introduction to the PCI DSS

The Haekka PCI Primer is a high-level introduction to PCI DSS. It does not go into depth about the PCI DSS; for more detailed information on the PCI DSS, try the Haekka PCI Training.

This course is short and serves as a basic introduction to PCI. It helps to create a common language around PCI and to give high level best practices as provided by PCI. It is not meant to be a comprehensive PCI training.

The course does contain scenarios that engage users in relatable situations that have PCI relevant topics.

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