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PCI DSS Training

Lesson 1 | Introduction to PCI

Lesson 2 | Entities under PCI

Lesson 3 | Best practices for PCI

Lesson 4 | Introduction to the PCI DSS

Lesson 5 | Install a Firewall

Lesson 6 | Change System and Vendor Defaults

Lesson 7 | Protect Cardholder Data

Lesson 8 | Encrypt Data on Public Networks

Lesson 9 | Use Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus Software

Lesson 10 | Build Secure Systems and Applications

Lesson 11 | Need to Know Access

Lesson 12 | Identify and Authenticate Access

Lesson 13 | Restrict Physical Access

Lesson 14 | Monitor and Log Access

Lesson 15 | Test Systems and Processes

Lesson 16 | Conduct Security Training for Entire Workforce

Haekka’s PCI Training is a complete course on PCI. The first few lessons provide background and the big picture for PCI then the bulk of the lessons cover the 12 requirements of the PCI DSS. While the PCI DSS is extensive and needs to be applied to each organization and to each technical environment, the lessons in this course cover all areas of the PCI DSS at a high level.

In addition to the lesson content that covers all areas of each of the requirements of the PCI DSS, this training contains real-life scenarios that apply the PCI DSS to situations typically encountered by technology companies.

This course provides a complete overview of PCI DSS for anybody that wants to learn what is in the DSS. It goes beyond the Haekka PCI Primer course, which is meant more as an introduction to PCI and not a complete training on the DSS.

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