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HIPAA, Privacy, Healthcare

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HIPAA Privacy (2020)

Lesson 1 | Introduction to HIPAA

Lesson 2 | Organizations under HIPAA

Lesson 3 | Agreements under HIPAA (BAAs)

Lesson 4 | Data covered under HIPAA

Lesson 5 | HIPAA Privacy Rule

Lesson 6 | HIPAA Security Rule

Lesson 7 | Roles under HIPAA

Lesson 8 | Penalties under HIPAA

Lesson 9 | Breaches and security incidents

Lesson 10 | Data rights under HIPAA

Lesson 11 | Data retention under HIPAA

Lesson 12 | Data anonymization under HIPAA

Lesson 13 | HIPAA training

Lesson 14 | HIPAA and technology

Lesson 15 | HIPAA audits

Haekka’s HIPAA Privacy Training was developed internally by the Haekka team. Our team has experience, directly or indirectly, supporting over 1,000 HIPAA audits for technology companies over the last 10 years. Our team wrote and open sourced the most popular HIPAA policies and procedures available.

The training contains real-life, relatable scenarios to help engage each employee. The training is primarily text based lessons with scenarios that make the topics relatable to employees at technology companies.

This HIPAA training is meant for all employees and meets the training requirements in the HIPAA Privacy Rule. In addition, if offered on a quarterly basis, this training helps meet the more stringent training requirements of HITRUST.

The training was written in 2020 and has limited coverage of the shift to remote work and Covid.

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