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HIPAA, Healthcare, Privacy

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HIPAA Primer - Introduction to HIPAA

Lesson 1 | Introduction to HIPAA

Lesson 2 | Organizations and contracts under HIPAA

Lesson 3 | HIPAA Privacy Rule and Security Rule

Lesson 4 | Data breaches and security incidents

Lesson 5 | HIPAA Recap

The course was written by Haekka’s team based on our experience with business associates, primarily healthcare technology companies. It is a trimmed-down version of HIPAA privacy training meant to cover the most salient topics of the HIPAA Privacy Rule. More is not always better and this training is a great introduction to HIPAA for people that are new to healthcare compliance.

This training contains text-based lessons along with scenarios for each lesson. The training is designed for all employees at companies that have to do some form of privacy training to achieve or maintain compliance with HIPAA.

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