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GDPR Primer - An Introduction to GDPR

Lesson 1 | Introduction to GDPR

Lesson 2 | Organizations Under GDPR

Lesson 3 | Data covered under GDPR

Lesson 4 | Data protection by design and default

Lesson 5 | Data subject rights under GDPR

Lesson 6 | Data protection impact assessments (DPIAs)

Lesson 7 | GDPR Recap

Haekka’s GDPR Primer is an introduction to GDPR. It covers things that all employees at companies should know about GDPR such as the types of entities covered under GDPR, the data governed by GDPR, and the rights that EU citizens have, and can exercise, on their personal data.

GDPR is a large regulation. This training pulls out the relevant topics with a particular focus on applying those topics to employees at technology companies. GDPR mandates certain obligations for companies that store or process EU citizen data and this training covers those to ensure employees have a high level understanding.

While this training is not required for all employees, it provides the required training for front line workers that may field or have to respond to data subject requests from EU citizens.

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