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Digital Messaging and HIPAA

Lesson 1 | Modern messaging and HIPAA

Lesson 2 | HIPAA and email

Lesson 3 | HIPAA, SMS, iMessage, and other texting options

Lesson 4 | Setting up Slack and Teams to be HIPAA compliant

Lesson 5 | Best practices for using Slack/Teams for health-related messaging

Lesson 6 | Things to avoid when using Slack/Teams for healthcare operations

This training teaches covered entities and their business associates how to use digital messaging services in a HIPAA compliant manner. We recommend this training for any health-tech companies that use Slack, Teams, or other digital communication platforms to discuss protected health information. Clinics that use Slack/Teams as their primary internal communication method should also take this course.

This training can be delivered via Slack or over our web-based training platform. We recommend supplementing it with our HIPAA Privacy course and our Security Awareness Training to ensure your company meets all HHS compliance training requirements.

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