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Healthcare, Open Source, HIPAA, Privacy

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Datica Open Source HIPAA Training

Lesson 1 | Introduction to HIPAA Training

Lesson 2 | HIPAA Basics

Lesson 3 | Why all the fuss about HIPAA?

Lesson 4 | HIPAA Entities

Lesson 5 | Sections of HIPAA

Lesson 6 | Privacy Rule

Lesson 7 | All about PHI

Lesson 8 | Security Rule

Lesson 9 | Administrative Simplification

Lesson 10 | HITECH Omnibus

Lesson 11 | All about breaches

Lesson 12 | Preventing Breaches

Lesson 13 | HIPAA Enforcement

Lesson 14 | Business Associate Agreements (BAAs)

Lesson 15 | What does it mean for you?

This open source training was developed by Datica. It was originally developed in 2014 and has been updated several times by Datica. Haekka has forked this training and adapted it to the Haekka platform and to delivery of the training in Slack. Haekka has added, and open sourced, questions for each lesson in the training.

The content is primarily targeted at employees of business associates which are technology companies. It is meant for all employees and addresses the training requirements in the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

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