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CCPA Primer - An Introduction to CCPA

Lesson 1 | Overview of CCPA

Lesson 2 | Which companies need to comply with CCPA?

Lesson 3 | Data covered under CCPA

Lesson 4 | Data Subject Rights under CCPA

Lesson 5 | Your responsibilities under CCPA

Lesson 6 | Penalties under CCPA

Lesson 7 | CCPA 2.0 (aka CPRA)

Lesson 8 | Recap of CCPA

This CCPA Primer provides an introduction and overview of CCPA, the California state regulation governing the collection, storage, and use of California resident data. The training walks through the process of determining if CCPA is relevant to your company, what data is covered under CCPA, what rights California residents have over their data under CCPA, and the penalties associated with CCPA.

CCPA is an evolving regulation that has already been modified. This training is great for employees of companies that need to comply with CCPA.

While this training is not required for all employees by CCPA, it helps inform all employees, especially front line (customer support and customer success), about the data rights CA resident users have so they can better respond to data questions and requests.

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