SOC 2 training.

simple, effective training to meet soc 2 requirements.

Train your entire workforce on SOC 2 controls and security to meet your requirements and fortify your perimeter. All from Slack.

Solve SOC 2 and security training in 2 minutes

We make SOC 2 training easier than ever before. Use the tools you depend to keep your employees informed and engaged, keeping your data and networks safe.

Easy Administration

Managers love Haekka for its simplicity. Select a regulation, set a date, and you're done. HIPAA training for the year was just solved in a few minutes.

Adaptable Content

Haekka provides scenario-based content in Slack that's easily digestible and tailored for modern work. Our team literally wrote the book on modern HIPAA.

Evidence on Auto-pilot

Stop spending time on spreadsheets and employee sign-offs for training. Haekka gives you, and your auditors, evidence of HIPAA training anytime, at the click of a button, all in Slack.

Fulfill your SOC 2 training requirements

SOC 2 controls that Haekka satisfies.

Ready to up your training game?

Haekka starts at just $2.50/user/month with a free 14 day trial. Add Haekka to Slack to start building a culture of privacy now!
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