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Training Features

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Custom Content

Custom content allows any administrator to clone and update any training in Haekka’s catalog. This powerful features allows companies to rely on Haekka for not only their security and privacy content, but any training they might want to send and track via Slack.

Start with a blank slate, and import any existing training to Haekka. Take advantage of our Slack-based training system to administer HR, onboarding, career or any other types of training you can think of. With Custom Content, Haekka is like a purpose-built LMS for Slack.

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Training Catalog

Haekka ships with an extensive catalog of training content. — written and backed by industry experts.

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Quizzes are topical questions that Haekka can deliver to your employees to help keep them sharp year-round.

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Set your training to renew quarterly, semi-annually or annually and let Haekka take care of the rest.

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Employee Assignment

Assign individual employees training, sync with a channel, or assign an entire workspace.

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Graded Training

Graded training helps ensure your employees are reading and comprehending training.

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Never wonder what state your compliance or security training is in — see employee completion in real-time.

Compliance Features

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Automatic Evidence

Haekka automatically generates compliance evidence while your employees are completing training.

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Forced Retakes

Prove how well employees comprehended training material with graded training and forced retakes.

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Built-in Content

We ensure all of our content is up to date, and includes the latest rules for dozens of regulations.

Employee Features

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Create, customize and assign training to employees in Slack. Never worry about context switching.

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Haekka will automatically remind your employees to ensure they get their training done on time.

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Relatable Content

Employees love Haekka’s content because it’s relevant to the way they work in 2021.

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Reward employees when they complete training. Haekka automatically issues certificates upon completion.

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Help Content

While Haekka’s content is bite-sized to fit the Slack format, we also provide long-form content.

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Weekly Tips

Haekka sends topical weekly security tips to your employees to help keep them engage and diligent.

Admin Features

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Weekly Reports

Haekka sends admins a weekly report in Slack to let them know how their company has been progressing.

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Manual Reminders

Admins often want to send more frequent reminders. Manual reminders enable you to do this via Slack.

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User Management

Admins can easily add and remove employees from Slack or the web. Never worry about overages.

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