Simple, effective training.

Empower your team to be privacy and security champions.

Create, manage, and monitor privacy and security awareness training in Slack. Deliver modern, effective compliance training across multiple-regulations without sacrificing the tools you love.
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This is not your typical security awareness training.

Haekka delivers security and privacy micro-training entirely in Slack.

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Easy Administration

Managers love Haekka for its simplicity. Select a regulation, set a date, and you're done. Security awareness and privacy training for the year was just solved.

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Security Awareness Training

Haekka delivers security awareness training directly to you in Slack. With digestible, fun, and engaging content, you'll wonder why security awareness training wasn't always this easy.

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Adaptable Content

Haekka provides scenario-based content that's easily digestible and tailored to the roles employees play, making privacy and security training relevant and easy to comprehend.

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Easy Editing

Creating new training and editing old training is done in a flash thanks to Haekka's tight integration with Slack. Quickly update a training's date, or create new training on the fly.

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Quickly See Results

Haekka provides an easy to understand overview of how your employees are improving their privacy comprehension week over week.

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Evidence on Auto-pilot

Training requirements for compliance are burdensome. This is especially true during audit season. Haekka treats compliance as an ongoing effort, which means generating evidence of training can be done whenever, at the click of a button, all in Slack.

Up your security game.

Haekka is 100% FREE for teams of 10 or fewer. For larger teams, licensees start at just $2.00/user/month . Add Haekka to Slack to start engaging with your employees about security.