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Effectively train your employees on HIPAA’s privacy, security, and breach notification rules without having to write any new content, or integrate with any new tools. Just add Haekka to Slack, and sit back.
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HIPAA training, meet your autopilot

Meeting your HIPAA training requirements has never been easier. Haekka's application and content runs 100% in Slack for admins, employees, and auditors.
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Easy Administration

Managers love Haekka for its simplicity. Select a regulation, set a date, and you're done. HIPAA training for the year was just solved in a few minutes.

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Adaptable Content

Haekka provides scenario-based content in Slack that's easily digestible and tailored for modern work. Our team literally wrote the on modern HIPAA.

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Evidence on Auto-pilot

Stop spending time on spreadsheets and employee sign-offs for training. Haekka gives you, and your auditors, evidence of HIPAA training anytime, at the click of a button, all in Slack.

Designed to meet your requirements

The HIPAA Rules that Haekka satisfies.

What makes HIPAA training effective for your company?

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