Engage with employees on security in Slack.

Build a security mindset with Engagements. Make announcements about new threats, send surveys, and run monthly recurring quizzes — all while measuring engagement.

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Connect your security team to your employees.

Haekka Engagements are micro-connections to employees. Send policy announcements, information on new threats, security surveys, quizzes and more. Make them one off or recurring — we collect results in the background and provide metrics.


Flexible, super simple to create, 100% deliverable.

Engagements enable you to proactively bring security to your employees.

Within constant changes, cybersecurity is hard for employees. With Engagements, you can spread the word, build a positive connection between employees and security, and empower your employees with the knowledge to defend themselves from scams and attacks.

→ Why security engagement is better than security awareness


Employees are everywhere — in the office and remote. Haekka Engagements are a conduit to where and how your employees work.


Regular connection builds affinity and engagement. Bring security thinking and mindset to your workforce.


Security engagement doesn’t have to be fluffy. Continuously measure meaningful engagement metrics to show ROI.

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