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User Levels

Why we built user levels

Users love to see their progress when taking training. While Haekka has always provided certificates of completion, as well as reminders to continue working on training, we wanted to introduce an additional level of incentive to get training done. Enter levels — users can see exactly how they are progressing overall on their training journey. A user's level is visible to both the user, and admins. Users can use their level as an indication of how much Haekka content they are engaging with.

How user levels work

When a user interacts with Haekka, they earn points that help them achieve levels. Here are the interactions and their associated points.

  • User opens training: 5 points
  • User completes a lesson: 10 points
  • User completes a training: 100 points
  • User rates a Tip: 30 points
  • User downloads a certificate of completion: 50 points
  • User answers lessons scenario correctly: 20 points

Points add up to levels. Here the levels and their associated point ranges.

  • Level 1 = 100-199 points
  • Level 2 = 200-299 points
  • Level 3 = 300-399 points
  • Level 4 = 400-499 points
  • Level 5 = 500-599 points
  • Level 6 = 600-699 points
  • Level 7 = 700-799 points
  • Level 8 = 800-899 points
  • Level 9 = 900-999 points
  • Level 10 = 1000-∞ points

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