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SOC 2 Controls That Haekka Satisfies

Written by:
Ryan Rich

CC1.4: Attracts, Develops, and Retains Individuals

"The entity provides the mentoring and training needed to attract, develop, and retain sufficient and competent personnel and outsourced service providers to support the achievement of objectives"

CC1.4: Considers the Technical Competency of Individuals

"The entity considers the technical competency of potential and existing personnel, contractors, and vendor employees when determining whether to employ and retain the individuals."

CC1.4: Provides Training to Maintain Technical Competencies

"The entity provides training programs, including continuing education and training, to ensure skill sets and technical competency of existing personnel, contractors, and vendor employees are developed and maintained."

CC2.2: Communicates Information to Improve Security Knowledge and Awareness

"The entity communicates information to improve security knowledge and awareness and to model appropriate security behaviors to personnel through a security awareness training program."