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Haekka Release 3.0.0

Welcome to the release notes for Haekka 3.0.0. This is one of our most significant releases to date and includes several new features, bug fixes, and improvements. Please read on for more details.


We're very excited to introduce Workflows to Haekka. This is our initial version of what we describe as "event-based training and engagement". As the description suggests, Workflows allow organizations to detect user events within SaaS apps and perform certain actions on those events. We currently support the following actions — sending a custom Slack message to the user that triggered the event, assigning training to the user that triggered the event, and sending the admins of an organization details of the event.

We currently support the following events:

  • User shares a file in Slack
  • User shares a channel in Slack

In the coming months, we hope to expand beyond Slack and into Google Workspace, Zendesk, Github, and other commonly used SaaS applications. See the video below for a full overview of how Workflows works:

For access to Workflows, please contact us at support@haekka.com to have this feature enabled on your account.

Vanta Integration

In this release we have a new integration that allows Vanta customers to have their security training evidence automatically uploaded to their account. This process will run automatically on new and existing trainings tagged with Security information by Haekka. With this integration customers can save time and effort by having training evidence populated automatically.

For access to the Vanta integration, please contact us at support@haekka.com to have this feature enabled on your account.

Resort Lessons

For custom training, admins can now drag and drop lessons to resort lesson order. This feature works for both list and tile view modes.

Other Improvements

  • Neutral results on an engagement now show as such instead of "incorrect" when a user answers in Slack
  • We've improved error messages across the dashboard
  • Fixed long-term reminders in Slack. When a user doesn't open a training for 3 days, 1 week, 1 month, 2 months or 3 months we send them reminders now

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