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Haekka Release 2.2.4

This is one of our biggest releases to date! We have 9 new features, and dozens of improvements. See the full details below.

New Assign Employee Modal

We've redesigned our assign employee modal to better accommodate multiple assignment options. You can see a screenshot of the update below.

Direct Video Upload

In this release, we're adding an option to upload video content directly to Haekka instead of providing a URL. Checkout the GIF below for details.

Google Workspace Authentication

New organizations can now provision accounts and access through Google Workspace. If you're already using Haekka and Slack this will have no impact on you.

Failed Training Update

For training that has a grading threshold, employees will only have to retake the lessons they failed instead of retaking the entire training.

Training List View Updates

We've also updated our training list view for admins in the Dashboard. You'll see information like the number of employees assigned, completion percentage, and other information now. We've also added tag filtering, so if you have trainings with associated tags, you'll see those as a filter option.

Engagements Update

We've completely overhauled our Engagements feature. We now show in depth statistics on how user's have responded to questions and surveys. Engagements are a great way to disperse security information for your company.

👇 Here's what an engagement looks like to an employee in Slack:

Manual Renew Options

While Haekka can be configured to auto-renew training, there are certain cases where manually renewing a training required. As such, we've added two new options - manually renewing a training for everyone, and manually renewing a training for individual users.

New Slack Commands

We've also added two new commands to our Slack app. "engagements" will open an interactive list of an employee's assigned engagements, and "create training" will provide admins with a quick link to create a new training. If you ever need to see all available commands, you can type "help" in Slack to see what's possible.

Haekka Public API

In this release, we're also announcing V1 of our public API. If you would like access to our API, please send us a note either via email, or via the Slack app by typing "request".

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