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Haekka Release 2.2.1

Written by:
Ryan Rich


Correct and Incorrect Indications. The first improvement is making the Correct and Incorrect indicators more obvious on lesson questions. In addition to showing the emojis we've always shown, we've also added the words "Correct" and "Incorrect" respectively.

Improved Assignment Message. The second improvement is a design update to the assigned training notification. We've made both the graded training requirement as well as the due date more obvious.

New Commands

We have a handful of new commands as well in this release.

help | This new command will provide a list of available commands.

training | This new command will provide a list of assigned training.

report | Only available to admins, this command will bring up the previous week's weekly report.

request | This command will bring up a message to submit a feature request or support issue.

account | This command will bring up a user's settings.

dashboard | The dashboard command will provide a quick link to the Haekka Web Dashboard.