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Haekka Release 2.2.0

A new Slack app

In this release we have a brand new version of the Haekka Slack app! You'll see we've drastically streamlined the Home tab. The training list has been condensed down to a single list for admins, with buttons for both opening training and editing training. Additionally we've introduced a new "Your Settings" feature that gives users instructions on how to update their account details directly in Slack.

Other Slack app updates:

  • We've improved our renewal message to make it easier to review training before it auto-renews.
  • We've added a completely new onboarding workflow for companies that are brand new to Haekka.
  • We've added a new edit training modal that gives better instructions on what you can change in Slack and what you can change in the Haekka web dashboard.

Other Improvements

  • Information about a user's grade is now included in the evidence report.
  • We've made significant improvements to load times in both the new Slack app as well as in the Haekka web dashboard.
  • There was a small bug where employee role took 24 hours to update. It updates instantly now.

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