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Getting Started with Haekka's Phishing Chrome Extension


The Haekka Phishing Chrome Extension is a tool designed to help companies combat phishing attacks and train their teams in real-time. By integrating seamlessly with Gmail, the extension enables users to quickly and efficiently identify potential phishing emails and notify their security and IT teams of any suspicious activity. This document aims to provide users with an understanding of the various features offered by the Haekka Phishing Chrome Extension and how to utilize them effectively.

Identifying and Reporting Potential Phishing Emails

To identify a potential phishing email, simply click on the orange Haekka logo located at the top of your Gmail view. This action will notify your company's security and IT teams, allowing them to promptly investigate and address the issue. Reporting these suspicious emails not only helps in preventing potential security breaches but also assists in refining the company's phishing detection capabilities.

Haekka Phishing Simulation Emails

When a user correctly identifies a Haekka phishing simulation email and reports it, the extension will notify the user that they have successfully identified the simulated attack. This immediate feedback helps users to improve their phishing detection skills and stay vigilant against real threats.

Reporting Non-Haekka Phishing Simulation Emails

If you encounter a phishing email that is not part of Haekka's phishing simulation, you can still report it using the extension. When you do so, the extension will notify your administrators, allowing them to properly triage the email and take appropriate action. This collaborative approach helps to strengthen your company's overall security posture.

Slack Notifications for Unreported Haekka Phishing Emails

If you receive a Haekka phishing simulation email and do not report it, the Haekka Phishing Chrome Extension will send you a Slack message a few days later, notifying you of your oversight. The message will remind you to always report emails that appear to be phishing attacks or that you suspect might be phishing attempts. This feature ensures that users are continually reminded of the importance of vigilance and reporting potential threats.

By utilizing the Haekka Phishing Chrome Extension, companies can effectively train their teams to identify and report phishing attacks, ensuring a safer and more secure working environment for all.

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