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Haekka Release 1.5.0

👋 Hey there, we have another release for you this week. See the full details below.

Branching Scenarios

You can now configure a training to have lesson Branching Scenarios. What does this mean? Each individual Scenario answer can now point to a specific lesson. Here's a quick example:

In the example above, you can see that the first answer is an acceptable answer, so the user can move on to lesson 2. The second answer is clearly wrong, and so we'll have the user repeat this lesson. The third answer is an amazing answer, so they can skip to lesson 3. This is a simple example but shows how branching scenarios can be used to make training more interactive. Branching Scenarios present the option for all kinds of creative applications. We'll be releasing "choose your own adventure" style Security training over the next several months that takes advantage of Branching Scenarios.

Answer Explanations

Sometimes employees learn best by understanding why they were right or wrong for a given question. Answer Explanations give admins the option to add context to answers to help their employees better understand the lesson. Here's an example:

You can see above, there are explanations for each answer. This helps provide context for the user.

Here's what it looks like for the user in Slack.

Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • We're continuing to make both the Web Dashboard and the Haekka Slack app faster. We've included some much-needed speed improvements in this release.
  • Previous months completed lessons and training numbers were off in the Web Dashboard. These should normalize over the next 30 to 60 days.

That's it for now. As always, if you have questions or support issues, feel free to send us a note here → https://www.haekka.com/contact-us

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