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Haekka Release 1.2.0

Another week, another release! We have a few lifestyle improvements and bug fixes for you in 1.2.0.

Bug Fixes

  • When creating a new lesson in custom content, the dashboard would fail to automatically increment lesson numbers. That's fixed now.
  • Large actions (ex: adding more than 500 users at once) would succeed, but often show the wrong number of users until it finished. We now send a notice if a large action is being performed.
  • Subscribing users to Weekly Tips was failing for some companies. We've fixed this.


  • When showing the overall employee count for a workspace, we were including invited users. We've decided to not do this and only show guests and full-members.
  • Lots of small styling and spacing issues were fixed in the dashboard.
  • We now properly support nested lists for custom content.
  • We've updated how we show larger lists of trainings to users in Slack.
  • We've made improvements to how we handle Slack Connect. We require both parties to have Haekka installed. We now send a message to an admin when their connect partner does not have Haekka installed in their Slack instance.

That's it! Just a quick one this week. If you have any questions or concerns, just drop us a note here → support@haekka.com

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