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Haekka Beta Release β 0.9.8


👋 Hey! We have another release for you this week. This will be our last official beta release! Our next release will be version 1 of Haekka, which will include some long awaited new features like custom content. Until then, have a look at this week's latest updates.

Days Until Due

When an admin creates a training, they have the option to set an end date — a static date in time, ex: September 9, 2021. This doesn't scale well as new users could be added after the training is due. This forced an odd experience where training needed to be set either without an end date, or admins had to update the end date to a future date if employees were assigned after the original due date.

Days Until Due builds on top of the end date concept. Each training can have a set number of days allowed to complete. This means different users will have different due dates. For example, setting the Days Until Due to 14 will give all employees assigned that training 14 days to complete it from the day they were assigned. Leaving Days Until Due blank will create the training without an end date.

For all existing training with an end date, the end date concept is preserved.

Message Settings

We've introduced the concept of "Message Settings", which gives admins a way to manage which notifications their employees and other admins receive. Here's what is currently configurable:

You can configure these settings here → https://dashboard.haekka.com/settings

A New Course (With Video!)

We're also excited to announce a brand new course, PageDuty Open Source Security Awareness Training! This is fully featured Security Awareness Training curriculum adapted from PagerDuty's open source materials. The big advantage to this course is that it comes with video content. Check it out in the course catalog → https://dashboard.haekka.com/catalog

That's it for now. If you're experiencing any issues or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@haekka.com. Have a great week!

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