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Haekka Beta Release β 0.9.7


Hey there! We have a big release for you this week. Before we get into that, we first need you to reinstall Haekka in order to gain access to some of these great new features. You can reinstall safely using this link.

Here's what we're going to cover in these release notes:

  • An improved employee onboarding experience
  • A new feature called graded training
  • A new feature that allows admins to sync assigned employees with a channel or workspace
  • A slightly updated App Home tab
  • An updated version of our web dashboard
  • New options for renewing training
  • Bug fixes and improvements


Employee Onboarding Experience

Haekka's goal is to help keep your company and your employees informed and aware of security risks and issues. When new users join a Slack workspace it can often feel like they're getting dropped into the deep end of information and knowledge sharing. To help users understand how to safely use Slack and protect their account, Haekka will now send them a one-time onboarding lesson. This lesson includes:

  • Instructions on how to turn on 2FA for their Slack account.
  • A note about not sharing sensitive information and secrets (passwords, encryption keys, etc.) in Slack.
  • A note about app usage in Slack.
  • And finally a link to further information from Slack.

On the admin side, we've also improved your experience when new employees are added to Slack. While a new employee receives a message with the information listed above, the admin will receive a message at the same time. This message includes:

  • A note that a new employee has joined your workspace.
  • A note reminding you that we've sent them some information to keep their Slack account safe.
  • A list of recommended training this employee should be added to, with a button action to assign them training right away.

Graded Training

The next feature on our list has been highly requested by customers and prospects alike. Haekka's entire course catalog now supports graded training. Admins can configure each training to have a grading threshold. If a user does not meet this grading threshold, they have to retake the training. This allows admins to ensure their employees are not only reading the material, but comprehending it to their level of satisfaction.

From the employees perspective, they will receive the following message if they do not score a high enough grade:

Graded Training FAQ

Which grading thresholds are supported?

Right now we support 70%, 80%, 90% and 100%.

What exactly is graded?

Each lesson has a "Lessons Scenario". This is what we grade.

How does grading work?

When a user answers the question associated with a lesson scenario, we calculate their grade based on how many answers they got right. If there is only one correct answer, then they either get full credit or no credit for that question. If there are multiple correct answers, they'll receive partial credit for each correct answer selected.

Is graded required?

Not at all. You can uncheck the "Yes" checkbox shown in the screenshot above. This will remove the grading threshold from a training.

Can I add grading to an existing training?

Not right now. If you'd like for an existing training to be graded, you should delete the training and recreate it.

Can I change the grading threshold after the training has been created?

Not right now. The threshold cannot be changed or edited.

If you have any additional questions about graded training, please contact our support team at support@haekka.com.

Channel and Workspace Sync

Our next feature helps admins seamlessly manage which users are added to a training by syncing with either a channel or workspace. Here's how it works:

  • In Slack, find the training you want to sync.
  • Find the overflow menu to the right ••• and select "Manage Employees".
  • Find the area that says "Auto-enroll new team members" and "Sync employees with channel".
  • Select which option you'd like.

Here's a short gif showing how it works:

Channel and Workspace Sync FAQ

How does workspace sync work?

Any new members added to your workspace will be assigned the training that is syncing with that workspace. This means both full and guest members.

How does channel sync work?

Any new members added to a designated channel will be assigned the training that is syncing with that channel.

Does channel sync with with private channels?

It does! You will need to add Haekka as an integration to that channel. Follow this guide → Add Haekka as an Integration. Note: given updates to our permissions, we also require Haekka to be added as an integration to any channel you want to sync with (or import from).

Are existing members from a channel added?

They are not. The way channel sync works is that it only adds net new employees to a channel or workspace from the time you activate the sync. The reason for this is how we sync with the channel. Because Haekka doesn't have full access to the channel that it syncs with, it can only see new employees added to it. To work around this, you can do the following:

  • Find the channel you'd like to sync with that has existing employees
  • Add Haekka as an integration to that channel following this guide → Add Haekka as an Integration
  • Navigate back to the Haekka app, and import users one time from the channel (this adds all existing users)
  • Then, you can start syncing, which will bring in all net-new members

Updated Slack App Home

We've made some small improvements to our Slack application Home Tab:

  • Create Training now takes admins to the Web Dashboard, which includes additional training configuration options not previously available in Slack.
  • We've also made some small design improvements to improve overall legibility.

Updated Web Dashboard

We've made the following updates to the Haekka Web Dashboard:

  • The training list now shows number of employees and number of lessons associated with a training for quick reference.
  • Improved data visualization on the manage training page gives admins a better overview of training progress.
  • We've added a bulk send reminder button to the manage training page which allows admins to send all users with outstanding training a reminder.

Renew Training

Admins can now create training that renews on the following cadence:

  • Annually
  • Semi-annually (every 6 months)
  • Quarterly (every 3 months)

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • We're continuing to make the Slack app more performant and you should see decreased load times for the App Home tab.
  • Security Tip subscriptions no longer fail for users not already assigned to training.

Wrapping Up

That's it for now! We know this release was quite large, so if you have any questions or need clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@haekka.com. As for what's next, we are very close to releasing custom content. We're hoping to complete final testing in the next week or so and then submit our changes to Slack for review. Once they review and approve our app (potentially weeks) we'll release this feature right away. For those unaware, custom content gives admins the ability to edit existing content as well as create their own custom courses. We can't wait to show it to you!

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