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How Mpirik Leverages Haekka to Optimize Employee Onboarding and Compliance Training

Mpirik is a health tech company that uses artificial intelligence to help healthcare providers give the right patient the right care at the right time. Mpirik’s AI model analyzes millions of patient records to develop algorithms that detect high-risk patients that doctors may have missed. Although cardiac disease is by far the leading cause of death worldwide, it is still undertreated for a variety of factors. Thousands of patients fail to receive life-saving treatment due to preventable issues such as lack of communication between providers, but Mpirik is here to fix that!

Mpirik’s cardiac solution evaluates a variety of data sources such as clinician notes, labs, and EKG’s to identify patients that would potentially benefit from additional follow-up care or intervention. Their screening protocols found a whopping 36.7% of patients faced potential undertreatment of cardiac issues! Mpirik’s algorithms have also been featured in lots of research that is pushing cardiac care into the future. To learn more about how Mpirik is saving lives with their AI cardiac solution, head over to www.mpirik.com today!


As a rapidly growing startup that handles tons of protected health information, Mpirik needed a platform to handle employee onboarding and compliance training. Traditional onboarding solutions and learning management systems are typically a burden on employees and employers alike, expensive, and don’t blend into normal workflows. As companies continue to adopt remote work, integrations have become the name of the game. We’re in the app era, but knowledge workers say switching between tons of apps prevents them from getting work done.  For startups efficiency is everything. Time wasted going back and forth between outdated platforms instead of developing the product or growing the customer base could cost billions of dollars in the long run.

HIPAA mandates that all employees with access to protected health information undergo both privacy and security awareness training. The issue with most available training is that it has not been updated for remote work. A large majority of healthcare data is stored using cloud services instead of on-site. Employees are using their work laptops at home instead of in the office. Many doctors visits are conducted via video call instead of in person. HIPAA privacy trainings typically treat security awareness as an afterthought, but these new changes to the work environment make cybersecurity arguably the most important component of protecting patient privacy. If your organization takes data security seriously, the vast majority of HIPAA and security awareness training simply won’t cut it for modern work.

One way companies like Mpirik validate their security procedures and systems is by obtaining a certification from a third-party auditor. Although HHS does not offer any official “HIPAA certification”, many third-party auditors will still issue an unofficial certificate if they find a companies systems to be HIPAA compliant. Since employee training is mandated by HIPAA, auditors typically request evidence that all employees have been properly trained on privacy laws and security practices. Assigning, tracking, and generating proof of training can be a hassle for blooming companies such as Mpirik since they are frequently hiring and onboarding new employees.

Mpirik needed a solution that integrated all aspects of modern compliance training into applications they were already using


Mpirik chose Haekka for their onboarding and compliance training solution. Haekka serves all of Mpirik’s needs more efficiently than any competing LMS can. Here are some of the reasons why Mpirik employees love using Haekka on a daily basis

Slack integration

Haekka is the only platform that integrates all aspects of employee training into Slack. As we mentioned earlier, integrations are an increasingly important priority for fast-moving companies that want to optimize their technology stacks. Slack integration is particularly valuable for Mpirik for a variety of reasons.

1. No-context switching:

Switching between apps wastes time. Especially when the apps you are switching to look nothing like real work. Training in Slack allows employees to remain in the app they use on a daily basis and avoid dealing with the hassle of a clunky LMS. Mpirik employees were already using Slack, so training in their preferred collaboration app was a no-brainer.

2. Assign training by channels:

Companies are already utilizing Slack channels to organize their workspaces, and Haekka allows administrators to leverage pre-existing channels to significantly reduce their workload. Admins can assign training to an entire channel or automatically assign training to any new members of a channel.

"Haekka notifies me in Slack when a new member joins our workspace and suggests training to assign. I can simply hit “assign training” to the relevant suggested trainings and I’m done!" — Allie Howard, Head of Security and Compliance at Mpirik

3. Social Learning:

There's a growing body of evidence that people often learn best in social situations. Learning in Slack allows employees to ask questions while training. It also helps new employees feel like a part of the team from day one since they are training within the core work environment instead of being isolated in a random application. Creating a sense of camaraderie between employees is one of the hardest parts of remote work, but having new and old employees in the same Slack workspace helps make it much easier.

4. Generating Evidence for Audits:

Haekka’s Slack integration includes functionality to automatically generate and collect evidence for audits. Employees can request certificates of completion after finishing lessons. Those certificates can be used as proof of training for auditors. Haekka also enables admins to set minimum passing scores for quizzes with forced retakes if necessary. Passing an audit can be an extremely time-intensive process, but integrating proof of employee training into Slack is one way to make it easier.

Relevant Training Content for Modern Work

Health-tech companies like Mpirik need training content that covers privacy and security issues for 2022 and beyond. With how fast the world is changing, training that isn’t periodically updated is useless for fighting the growing number of digital threats.

1. Security Awareness and HIPAA Privacy Trainings:

Our two flagship pieces of training are constantly updated to reflect changes in the healthcare and security landscape. Some topics that are particularly important for compliance today are social media use, personal device protection, and managing cloud services. Mpirik’s employees were able to satisfy both HIPAA training requirements with those two trainings, and the vast majority felt that the content was more up to date versus other training they had previously undergone.

2. Large Training Library and Custom Content:

Haekka has a large library of first and third-party content that spans beyond our two flagship trainings. Some of our first-party content includes role-specific HIPAA training (ex. HIPAA for sales and marketing), anti-harassment training, and other compliance training such as SOC 2.

One particularly useful feature for companies that have more specialized training needs is custom content. Organizations can write their own content completely within Haekka and assign it just like any pre-written training. Mpirik chose to use our custom content feature to create a course on “Mpirik HIPAA Policies’ to tailor training to their needs.

3. Variety of Training Formats:

Haekka supports a variety of training formats to meet the needs of all kinds of learners. Most of our content is delivered as byte-sized text-based lessons. Research from Raytheon found that micro-learning can increase focus and long-term retention by up to 80%! Users tend to disengage when facing walls of text or lengthy videos, but compliance training should be more than checking a mandatory box. Haekka was built to ensure employees are actually internalizing the content they view by offering it in a way that leads to maximum learning.

Although Haekka is primarily focused on byte-sized learning, we recognize that longer-form content is also necessary for certain situations. Haekka supports web links for outside resources and can play video content from within the app. Our HIPAA privacy lesson even ships with pre-recorded videos that dive deeper into the various topics covered. Haekka’s variety of supported training formats allows companies like Mpirik to tailor Haekka to their needs.

4. Weekly Security Tip:

One final feature that makes Haekka more relevant for modern work is the weekly security tip. Haekka sends all users a security tip each week inspired by current events impacting privacy and security. These tips help refresh employees' knowledge of best practices and keep security at the forefront of people’s minds.

"Not only does the weekly security tip help us meet HIPAA requirements and multiple security framework best practices, it also keeps employees constantly engaged using real-world security and compliance events which helps us bake compliance into our culture." — Allie Howard


Mpirik switched to Haekka and saw an immediate improvement in their training efficiency. The time required for administrators to create, assign, and track training was reduced by over 50%! Mpirik passed several third party audits and has built an extremely effective security and compliance program. Mpirik’s employees love using Haekka and find it much more relatable to real work compared to their old training platform.

"Haekka has gone above our expectations for an LMS in every way from reporting to high quality content and more!" — Allie Howard

One of Haekka’s largest differentiators from competing offerings is the price. Employee training can cost hundreds of dollars per year, and most learning management systems range between 5 and 10 dollars per user on a monthly basis. Haekka’s Slack-based LMS that includes a large library of training alongside the ability to create custom content is only $4 per user per month! Having a one-stop shop for security awareness, HIPAA privacy, and other compliance training at a fraction of the competitor's price makes using Haekka a no-brainer. When evaluating the cost of training in the context of how expensive non-compliance can be, Haekka’s ROI is well over 1000%!

If you want the opportunity to see Haekka in action and test it out for yourself, schedule a demo with one of our founders today!

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