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How MaestroQA uses Haekka to streamline their SOC 2 Certification Process

MaestroQA is a rapidly growing B2B SaaS company that provides businesses with actionable insights to improve their customer experience, as well as improve experiences with agent-based coaching. MaestroQA’s software allows companies to analyze customer feedback and interactions to better train customer service representatives and increase satisfaction rates.


As a SaaS company built to improve a companies relationships with their clients, MaestroQA was particularly aware of how important data security is to building trust with clients and partners. In today's day and age, a SOC 2 certification is the gold standard for proving that your company handles data safely.

In order to receive a SOC 2 certification, a third party that is certified by the American Institute of CPAs will audit a company and evaluate its security posture. The auditor will then write a SOC 2 report covering the following trust service categories: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. SOC 2 reports are only valid for one year. As a result, companies need to frequently update their security procedures to remain up to date if they want to pass future audits. 

One reason SOC 2 compliance is difficult for growing companies like MaestroQA is that they are constantly hiring new employees. SOC 2 auditors will evaluate employee training within a company alongside infrastructure, software used, etc. This means that every new hire should undergo security awareness and SOC 2-specific training.

Traditional employee training is painful to administer and carries high administrative costs that are extremely burdensome to expanding businesses. Without Haekka, learning management systems are typically how compliance and security training is administered. However, these systems often require manually enrolling employees. Not to mention these systems are not purpose-built for compliance, so they often make collecting evidence for audits difficult. Beyond the administrative components of training your staff, there’s also the question of content. Traditional LMS platforms do not offer modern compliance content, and forcing a company to write their own SOC 2 training would take time and money.

“When security awareness training became an imperative for our growing team, we wanted a simple solution that fits how we work. We were initially drawn to Haekka because of their approach of training in Slack, a tool we use every day,”

Yash Shimpi, Security and Compliance at MaestroQA.


MaestroQA needed security awareness and SOC 2 training that makes staying compliant a breeze. They decided to go with Haekka, the first learning management system completely integrated into Slack. Below are some benefits MaestroQA gets by using Haekka instead of the competition.

Slack-first Approach

Haekka’s Slack-first approach allows for set up in minutes. MaestroQA did not need an entire IT team to install a new application on every device. Instead, they installed Haekka into their already existing Slack workplace with the click of a button. The even better part? Users don’t need to create new accounts.

Since MaestroQA already used Slack, Haekka removed the need for a third-party LMS. No-context switching between apps leads to higher completion and engagement rates.

Ease of Training a Growing, Remote Team

MaestroQA can assign specific training to different Slack channels based on an employee’s role. No need to manually assign training one by one or to people that don’t need it. Training is then automatically assigned to new employees added to Slack workspaces or to specific channels. This is particularly important for a growing company with lots of hiring.

Haekka’s security awareness course comes with quizzes to verify knowledge retention. Admins can set minimum passing grades and require retakes if someone misses them. These features are perfectly suited to remote work.

Security Awareness on Auto-pilot

Haekka allows MaestroQA managers to view employee progress and send reminders as needed, ensuring all employees are adequately trained. Haekka automatically provides evidence of completion for auditors. All training on Haekka can be set to auto-renew at different intervals.

Additionally, Haekka ships with a large library of pre-written first and third-party training content. All content is fully customizable so companies can modify it as they see fit. 


After implementing Haekka, MaestroQA underwent an audit from Vanta and received a report saying they are compliant with all SOC 2 requirements!

Other solutions cost more than Haekka, both in terms of price and time needed to set up and administer. MaestroQA employees spend 70% less time on SOC 2 training after switching to Haekka.

“With Haekka, it is much easier for us to manage our employee training including timely notifications, options to follow up, view progress, and comply with the industry standards while providing easier ways for our employees to undergo the training on their own timeline. The security tips are an additional helpful bonus. All of our training requirements are covered with this amazing product!”

Yash Shimpi, Security and Compliance at MaestroQA.

Hundreds of companies like MaestroQA are using Haekka to integrate learning and development in the apps employees are already using on a daily basis. Join them today at haekka.com.

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