Watch out for these Black Friday scams

Travis Good
November 15, 2022

Holiday shopping kicks off this month. One of the major events is Black Friday in which shops offer special sales and discounts.

Every year, as retailers try to get you to buy something on Black Friday, Cyber attackers try to scam you using fake messages, links, and websites. Below are the common types of Black Friday scams to look out for.

  • Fake order or delivery confirmation
  • Gift card scams
  • Special price scams
  • Fake promotions
  • Phony travel deals

One example of a phony travel deal that is targeting people on WhatsApp right now is a fake free flight promotion from British Airways.

This travel scam is a good reminder that attackers can target you on any platform, not just email. Stay vigilante, pay attention to links and URLs, and trust your gut if something feels fishy about a Black Friday promotion.