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The Top 6 Haekka Use Cases

October 6, 2023

Are you searching for a way to enhance your organization's security awareness training? Look no further than Haekka! Schedule a demo with us to discover how we can help you reduce costs by 75% while boosting employee satisfaction with our training by 81%.
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Haekka is modernizing security, privacy, and HR training by blending easy learning paths with current workflows. By smoothly integrating into Slack, Haekka fosters a constant learning environment that engages employees, ensures understanding, and reduces interruptions. The top five use cases below showcase how Haekka can innovate your enterprise, offering a fresh take on training and employee engagement in key areas.

Use Case #1: Traditional Training

Haekka simplifies training by offering a vast catalog of industry-leading content tailored for modern work environments. Whether it's Security Awareness Training for SOC 2, ISO27001, HIPAA compliance, or any other framework, Haekka has got you covered​. In addition to pre-built content, Haekka admins have the ability to create their own custom training from scratch. Haekka's advanced WYSIWYG editor is custom built to allow you to create amazing content that fits directly into Slack. To learn more about Haekka's training offering, please visit this page.

Use Case #2: Continuous Drip Training

Maintain a vigilant security culture year-round by delivering bite-sized training directly to employees in Slack. The continuous drip of curated security moments, mapped to categories of behavioral and human risk, keeps them updated on current scams and attacks. Engage employees beyond mere compliance—whether during onboarding or annual training, Streams empowers your workforce to be the frontline of defense against cyber threats. By dedicating just 1-2 minutes each week, nurture a proactive security mindset across your organization, reinforcing key behaviors that resonate with everyday work scenarios and bolstering your defense against cyber adversaries.

Use Case #3: Engaging Announcements

Through Haekka, you can broadcast crucial information entirely via Slack, while harnessing the power of analytics and reporting to gauge the reception. The Engagements (aka: Pulse) feature of Haekka allows for capturing employee acknowledgments, emoji reactions, and more, providing a feedback loop to ensure the announced information is not only disseminated but also acknowledged. This feature embodies a proactive approach to maintaining a well-informed workforce, ensuring that vital updates, especially concerning security, are effectively communicated and acknowledged by the employees.

Use Case #4: Phishing Training

Haekka’s phishing simulator dispatches real-world phishing scenarios via email, capturing employee interactions with these scenarios. Following the interactions, personalized training is delivered through Slack based on how each user interacted with the phishing content. This innovative approach offers a modern solution to the age-old problem of phishing, blending real-time response with interactive training to foster a vigilant cybersecurity culture. Haekka ships with dozens of templates that range from AI-generated phishing techniques to SaaS-based simulations.

Use Case #5: Policy Attestation and Acknowledgement

Leverage Haekka's Engagement/Pulse product to streamline policy attestation and acknowledgment. Bundle or link your policies, and let Haekka capture acknowledgments effortlessly through its robust Slack integration. Updating acknowledged policies? Easily notify your team via Haekka and collect their new acknowledgments.

Use Case #6: Quizzes

Utilize Haekka to craft either standalone or integrated quizzes, providing a dynamic platform to assess and reinforce employee comprehension on security topics. Tailor your assessment strategy with one-time quizzes or opt for recurring assessments to continuously gauge understanding. Haekka's flexible quiz features align with your assessment needs, offering a personalized approach to learning evaluation. Further enrich the training experience by tying assessments to training modules. This allows for a more adaptive learning pathway where employees can test out of a training or skip portions based on their quiz performance, ensuring a time-efficient and effective learning journey.

Haekka's deep Slack integration enables seamless execution of the above use cases, making required training and employee engagement a breeze for your organization.

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