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Security Digest Stream: TikTok Bans over Privacy and Security Fears

December 13, 2022

On the heels of our last Digest post about malware being spread on TikTok, several US States have officially banned the app from use on government owned devices

Maryland is the most recent state to join South Dakota and Nebraska in banning TikTok. Wisconsin and South Carolina are also close to instituting bans on the social media platform. The bans only applies to government owned devices, not personal devices.

The concerns with TikTok stem from the company being a Chinese-owned company. The reasons cited for the ban include cyberespionage, government surveillance and inappropriate collection of sensitive personal information.

Whether TikTok poses a national security threat or not, the gravity of these bans speak to the potential risks that all apps, including play and social apps, pose to our devices and data. Our devices - mobile and web, personal and company-owned - are gateways to our personal data and sensitive data of our employers (emails, chat, shared drives, etc.).

👉 Consider the apps you install.

👉 Limit the permissions you give apps.

👉 Remove apps you don’t use.


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