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Security Digest: Internet Scams Cost Americans $10B in 2022

March 21, 2023

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Headlines frequently highlight the financial impact of data breaches and ransomware attacks on businesses. However, companies are not the sole victims of internet scams and cyberattacks. A recent FBI report reveals that Americans lost over $10 billion to internet scams in the past year.

Here is an analysis of key insights from the report:

👉  Phishing scams rank as the most prevalent type of scam. Although most common in emails, phishing attempts also occur via SMS and voice messages. Exercise caution and double-check before clicking on links within emails.

👉  Call center scams resulted in losses exceeding $1 billion last year. If you are uncertain about the legitimacy of a call, hang up and contact the company directly using an official phone number found on their website.

👉  Non-payment scams are the third most frequent type of scam. These often claim that you have missed or made a late payment, threatening to terminate one of your accounts. To verify the situation, reach out to the company through a verified email address, phone number, or chat service.

👉  Ransomware attacks predominantly target healthcare professionals, as healthcare data is considered more valuable than financial information on the dark web.

Trends from previous years continue, with cyberattacks becoming increasingly widespread. 2023 is expected to witness a rise in both the number and financial losses due to internet scams.

To protect yourself, remain vigilant when opening messages, clicking on links, installing software (whether from emails or websites), and receiving phone calls.

💰On a positive note, the FBI was successful in recovering 73% of the funds lost to internet scams.


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